Karwachauth Glam: A Stunning At Home Makeup Guide


Karwachauth is a fast observed by Hindu females every year in India for the prosperous and long life of their life partners. The fast starts from dawn until the rise of the moon in the sky. Females observe this fast while following many traditions and worship Lord Shiva for the best of their husbands. Bachelorettes also observe this fast with the hope of having dream husbands.

Mastering Karwachauth Makeup on a Budget

Karwachauth is a thrilling festival for women as it gives them another chance for shopping, getting dressed, and looking beautiful while fasting. Doing makeup is an integral part of being ready for the evening worship. It is a real talent if someone stands out among others by doing makeup beautifully like a salon. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube and Instagram that are extremely helpful for beginners. Here is a complete guide to achieving salon-like makeup without spending money at home.

Hydrating Skin

Hydrated skin is best for the settlement of foundation. Skincare includes a three-step process: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Additionally, a good face wash can do half of the job, and the rest can be done through sheet masks. Sheet masks are available in many flavors such as aloe vera, tea tree, rose water, and more. One can choose according to their skin type. It will provides a better base for your Karwachauth makeup on the face, allowing the foundation to be easily absorbed, making the skin look naturally glowing.

Priming the Skin

Creating a perfect base for even makeup application is extremely crucial. A good primer can be applied to the skin according to its tone. Primer needs to be applied using a dabbing technique for an excellent finish. If someone doesn’t want to use excessive cosmetics, then aloe vera gel or fresh aloe vera can be used before applying makeup. However, one should take a patch test before using aloe vera. Aloe vera can give a shine and smoothness to the face, increasing the longevity of your Karwachauth makeup.

Foundation on Skin

Applying foundation to the face is one of the most crucial makeup steps. The foundation shade needs to be in context with the skin tone. Good foundation easily blends with the skin if it is the same color as the skin and applied properly with the dabbing method. One should be aware that the foundation can be matte or liquid, but the choice depends on the weather.

Using Concealer

Concealer can be a good cover for dark spots, pigmentation, and dark areas of the face, under eyes, and chin. It should be similar to your skin tone to get natural coverage for these spots. After applying concealer, do not try to blend it with a blender too much; it would not cover the spots. The easy way is to blend with a finger softly.

Highlighting Skin

It is important to highlight the face on some points, including the apple of cheeks, nose tip, and the center of the upper lip. It gives a nice look to the face and highlights these areas in a brighter way, adding to the beauty of the face.

Contouring Skin

Many women skip this step while doing makeup, which is extremely important. Contouring the skin adds to the features of the face, as it shows the face to be more shaped and subtle. Some females have a fatty face, which can be managed to get a jawline by contouring, which is nothing short of magic for them.

Using Loose Powder

Loose powder can be a good escape from oily skin, as it gives a good smooth skin texture where oil occurs more often, such as near the nose and T-zone. One can use loose powder to give a good finish to Karwachauth makeup so that it would not look too much or crackly.

Doing Eye Makeup

The eyelids can be highlighted with a good and matching eye shade to one’s attire. Eyelids can be divided into three parts, and one should apply a light shade in the middle and dark on the edges. A good finish can be given with an applicator brush. Be sure that three colors would not mix completely but should be visible separately. After that, eyeliner and eyelashes can be applied properly. Eyeliner can be used in a thin line or can be expanded as desired. Following that, eyelashes can be used; if not, then an eyelash curler can be a good option. Eyebrows can be enhanced using an eyebrow pencil on light areas.

Lip Shade

Apply a lip shade matching the dress color that can add to one’s beauty. Lip color can be matte, which is good for long-lasting wear. A lip liner can be used to get the finest finish for the lip shade.

To Conclude

Looking beautiful as well as sober in a makeup look is a true art, and one can look classy by applying makeup in the right direction, shade, and quantity.

Heartfelt warm wishes to all on the festival of Karwa Chauth