International Day of Happiness, 2024: Reminding People of the Importance of Being Happy

International Day of Happiness

Celebrating International Day of Happiness 2024: Cultivating Joy and Connection

Happiness is a state of mind. It spreads positive vibes and relaxes the ambiance. A happy person wins hearts and cheers up every mood it surrounds. The happiness of individuals leads to the prosperity of the community, nation, and planet. The UN celebrates International Day of Happiness on March 20th every year to remind people that happiness is the key to living a beautiful life. The day promotes the importance of happiness, as happiness increases mindfulness, kindness, and gratitude, which makes individuals and their nations great.

Theme for the year 2024: The UN this year appeals to everyone to be a part of communities and feel connected under the theme “Happiness Together.” The theme emphasizes the importance of connections for lasting happiness, i.e., a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment that provides positive emotions in daily life. Staying together with positive people improves mental health and well-being and brings happiness and satisfaction.

Tips to cultivate happiness: Usually, people search for happiness in material things, but happiness is in the brains of individuals. Here are some recommendations on how to live a happy life:

  1. Avoid overthinking: Overthinking suppresses happy thoughts and constantly uplifts negativity. It can be avoided by practicing meditation and yoga, which lead to mindfulness and happiness.
  2. Live every moment to the fullest: Enjoy every day as if it’s your last day. In the end, people usually regret the chances they didn’t take. Don’t wait for something big to occur; find happiness in every small thing.
  3. Express gratitude to God: Start every morning by thanking God, as there might be someone in the world who would never wake up, and that last night’s sleep was his last sleep.
  4. Open the door to deeper relationships with family: Family offers comfort, a sense of belongingness, and understanding, yielding emotional stability and happiness. Communication, sharing, and caring for family members can shift you from scarcity to the abundance you want in your life.
  5. Train your brain to think positively: Connect with optimistic people, challenge your negative thoughts, and focus on the brighter side of life. Always look at the glass half full, not half empty.
  6. Nature is happiness: Invest some time in nature to see how beautiful God’s creations are. It makes you kinder, happier, and more creative. Spending time in gardens, allotments, or balconies viewing flowers and greenery lowers depression and anxiety.
  7. Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Regular exercise, a nutritional diet, and proper sleep generate happiness. Exercise boosts self-confidence, a balanced diet boosts the immune system, and adequate sleep manages stress.
  8. Forgive unconditionally: understand the situation from another’s point of view too, forgive without conditions, and love again. The Dalai Lama often said, “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.”
  9. Serve humanity selflessly: Selflessness is not about sacrificing yourself but rather about finding joy in bringing happiness to others. Selfless service to the needy and poor brings immense satisfaction and happiness.
  10. Take a break from social media: Set time limits for yourself by using the phone’s built-in screen timer and spend quality time with your family. It can make one feel less lonely and isolated and can improve overall well-being.
  11. Patience is powerful: Patience attracts happiness. It is equipment to remove stress and negative emotions. A patient person appreciates the present moment and experiences joy in daily life.

The World Happiness Report 2024

Finland, Santa’s home country, is ranked as the happiest country in the world in 2024, followed by Denmark and Iceland closely behind. Finland has topped the list for the sixth time in a row.

The World Happiness Report is based on six factors: GDP per capita, life expectancy, freedom, generosity in a community, low corruption, and social support. The report this year examined happiness across generations—children, youngsters, and the aging population.

Eswatini is the least happy country out of 146 countries in the world, according to the World Happiness Report 2024.

5 movies to boost your mood and bring happiness to life

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness: A movie based on a true story shows how a man never let go of his dreams and turned his bad times into good times with hard work and determination. The story is about fatherhood, family, poverty, and preserving a child’s innocence. The movie teaches viewers to find real happiness, enjoy what one has, and keep chasing dreams.
  2. Forrest Gump: A movie showing how a good heart can make a difference in the world. The main character of the story is a simple-minded, happy man who is trying to find the purpose of his life. The movie is a comedy masterpiece.
  3. Little Miss Sunshine: An entertaining family drama that revolves around the dreams, beauty, and illusions of a dysfunctional family. Little seven-year-old Olive has one wish in life: to be considered for the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant. When her big chance comes at the most unexpected time, it’s up to her family to pull themselves together and make it happen for her by whatever means.
  4. Legally Blonde: A comedy movie that proves that anything is possible with determination. The story revolves around a girl who overcomes stereotypes against blondes and becomes a successful lawyer. The movie conveys a message to people that they can do whatever they want and not take life too seriously.
  5. Clueless: A teen comedy that teaches what’s important in life other than materialistic things. The movie contains amusing one-liners to uplift one’s mood. It depicts that one’s wit and heart are equally important as external looks.

Marking of the International Day of Happiness 

In 2012, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to celebrate March 20 every year as the International Day of Happiness to promote the happiness and well-being of the world. The day was first observed in 2013. This day reminds people to reclaim happiness by connecting with people and focusing on relationships. It reminds nations about their commitment to sustainable goals.

Seminars, workshops, counseling, and events are organized on March 20th every year in different parts of the world to convey the message that happiness leads to the ultimate victory of individuals and their communities. Happiness challenges are given for several days to learn and share new habits. Activity calendars are distributed throughout the day with ideas to implement that may make life happier.

In short, there can be no happiness if the things we believe in differ from what we do. We can make the world happy if we are happy from within. Charity, gratitude, kindness, social support, generosity, and love are the factors that make the globe peaceful and happier.