The Battle of Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019


A Litmus Test of Union Government and Performance assessment of both State Governments.

As the stage is all set on 21st October 2019 for polling in states of Haryana and Maharashtra, the eyes are rolling and minds are boiling with one question only, will BJP win back majority in both states. As in past 5 years many elements are changed in these two states and many new elements being arising. Even these elections will serve as test of newly formed Union Govt., as these are the first assembly elections post General elections 2019.

 maharashtra and haryana assembly elections 2019

So let’s try to dig it out state wise on few factors which may impact the making of new state governments.

Elections in Haryana 2019 are said to be a tough task by political analysts as the last 5 years being the toughest years of Haryana’s history. Elections in Haryana 2019 will decide the fate of many heavy weight political leaders as well as political parties. For many candidates and parties it can be a now or never situation. Public is quiet too as the General elections 2019 witnessed a different vibe and all 10 parliamentary seats being won by BJP-the party in majority and current Union Govt.

But as said the Assembly elections of Haryana 2019 are a battle of its sort this time. Confident BJP had given slogan of 75+ seats out of total 90 seats of assembly and trying to lure in voters in the name of abrogation of Article 370 in the state of J&K. While the politics of Haryana seems to be different mode in this Assembly election as 3 major political families of Haryana are riding on their younger generations and trying to find a chord on Name Lal, Devi Lal, Bansi Lal and Bhajan Lal. 3 Lal of Haryana are fighting with a new Lal, who is not so political yet powerful CM, Manohar Lal-a hard core RSS Cadre and strongly backed by Union Govt. is looking to steer it away once again to run the office for the second term.

Though doubtful to score 75+seats still chances of BJP making government by winning the majority marks. As the other parties are not so strong and not came up with a constructive plan to conquer the BJP, although many burning issues happened in last 5 years in Haryana. Moreover the internal rifts among one of the biggest and most favored political family of Haryana are dividing the votes of opposition parties along with Congress party and again in Congress the rift is wide open, so all these factors making a pathway of BJP re-forming Govt. in Haryana Assembly elections 2019.

Maharashtra is another state which is ruled by the BJP – Shiv Sena alliance Govt. And the Assembly elections 2019 of Maharashtra state are talk of the town too. The current CM of Maharashtra is from BJP; Devendra Fadnavis, he is often labeled as soft hearted leader but did survive the courtship of 5 years of CM post.

Many local issues of Maharashtra, such as water crisis in state and situation of drought in rural areas are a worrisome factor. And issue of state jobs and giving priority to Maharashtrian is crucial point in hands of opposition in Maharashtra. But the elections in Maharashtra are very interesting this time as the allied partners of BJP, Shiv Sena are trying to flex their muscles and projecting the 3rd generation of Thackeray family as an Upcoming CM of Maharashtra.

This is the first time when a family member of Thackeray is contesting Assembly elections. Although BJP-Shiv Sena says it’s a big and younger brother alliance, it will be a tough task post elections if they both comes back to form govt., as the CM position will be a matter of tussle then.

As it is in case of Haryana elections same goes with elections in Maharashtra 2019, a weaker opposition and no grit to provide an alternative to public to vote against BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. And the internal rifts among Congress party continue in Maharashtra too during 2019 elections, the public left in chaos to choose between the parties. We are seeing BJP lead teams forming Governments in state of Haryana and Maharashtra in Assembly elections 2019.