Summers are full of heat and sweat. With the changing weather, we also have to change our looks and beauty products we use. Very first product came to our mind on the onset of summer is SUNSCREEN. Without this, makeup during summers is incomplete. Heat badly affects the skin and causes sunburn and tanning. So summers season requires different kind of skin care and makeup. We try different home remedies to protect our skin from UV rays to keep it glowing and fair. Various makeup products are available in markets, which should only be used in summers only. Here are a few easy steps to do makeup in summers in easy and effective way:-

  • Face cleansing:- it’s a major and very first thing we have to do. Cleansing can be done as a part of night care routine. We can use exfoliators to remove dirt from skin and make the pores totally clean. Banana and papaya peels work as natural agents. If you are working professional, then scrub your face atleast twice or thrice a week to remove dirt from skin pores due to pollution etc. Home made scrubs are also effective to remove dead skin cells.
  • APPLY MOISTURIZER:- moisturize your skin with good moisturizer like alovera gel. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourish your skin cells.
  • SUNSCREEN:- apply best quality sunscreen before going outside. Several sunscreen products are available in markets, but choose the one which suits your skin. It protects the skin from harmful radiations from sun and prevent tanning and changing skin pigment. Your makeup should be start after applying it in summers. Generally use 50++ SPF or more than it daily.
  • TRY CONCEALER INSTEAD OF FOUNDATION:- concealer has thick texture and less chance of flow. Also hides dark circles and gives a matte look.
  • CHOOSE LONGWEAR PRODUCTS:- it will give full coverage to your makeup and last for a long time. Using products multiple times will also reduce your natural glow.
  • DON’T POWDER:- when applied, separate layer will form and will blow out easily in summers. It also clogs your skin pores. Use in low quantity, just lightly if needed. Also use blotting paper.
  • FOUNDATION:- Some experts said, layering is the key. To have a long lasting makeup, use liquid foundation, set it with bronzer and then use a cream blush and set it with a powder blush. Here the layers will form and last upto long hours.
  • SET YOUR LINER:- For summer time, liquid eyeliner will be perfect. Also use eyepencil and set it with a black powdered eye shadow. It will give your eyes a smokey look which sets for long. Apply kajal very lightly. This whole combination will give much intense look to you in summer.
  • LIPS CARE:- Moisturize your lips with best hydrated lip moisturizer. To keep lipstick from smearing, apply first coat of lipstick with a coat of powder, especially along the edges of lips. As per my opinion, dark shade matte lipstick will look much finer with light shade makeup. Rub some rose petals on your lips daily to have natural pink shade. Stay away from lip gloss, it will intensify sunlight. You can either use a tinted lip balm that contains SPF to protect your lips.
  • WEAR A HAT:- it will not only give you a pretty look, but also protects your makeup from smearing and becomes a shield against UV rays.

This summer, lighten up your makeup bag and follow these simple tips to have fine look. This will help you to maintain your beauty. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day and intake protein and fibre rich food to keep your skin hydrated and have a natural glow. So, have happy summers..

Writing Credits – Jyoti Gautam