National Doctors Day:A day to express gratitude to frontline heroes of pandemic


Every year on 1st July, Doctor’s Day is celebrated across the country. July 1 is the birthday and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the great doctor of the country and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. This day is celebrated in his memory.

Apart from this, this special day is dedicated to all those doctors working in the field of health, who perform their duty while maintaining the medical values ​​in every situation and provide the best treatment to the patients. The Government of India first celebrated National Doctor’s Day in the year 1991.

To know the complete information about this day and what is its significance, purpose, have a look at this article:

Table of contents:

  • Significance of Doctor’s Day
  • Purpose of celebrating national doctor’s day
  • Theme of doctor’s day
  • Why is it celebrated?
  • How is this day celebrated?
  • Conclusion

Significance of Doctors Day

National Doctor’s Day has a lot of significance. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to thank the doctors for their contribution.

Doctors have played an important role in improving the medical facilities of India. Today, if our country is capable of fighting the corona virus, then the doctors of the country have an important contribution in this.

There are many reasons to celebrate this important day. All doctors start their professional life with the noble ideals of serving humanity and meeting the needs of those in need; However, some doctors do not live up to these views and take the path of corrupt and immoral.

Purpose of Doctor’s Day

Mostly national or international day is celebrated to honor or spread awareness. The main purpose of marking National Doctor’s Day in India is to make people aware of the work of doctors and respect them for their loyalty, dedication and honesty towards their work. On this day, we should express our gratitude to all the doctors and thank them.

National Doctor’s Day Theme 2021

Every year a unique theme is announced to celebrate National Doctor’s Day. Then the day is celebrated according to that theme.
Our 2021 theme is “Building the future with family doctors”

This title is based on four fundamental ideals:-

  • Patient
  • Primary care terms
  • New technologies
  • You

Why is it celebrated?

The biggest reason for celebrating Doctor’s Day, the birthday of Bidhan Chandra Roy, is that whatever income he earned, he used to donate everything. Bidhan Chandra Roy is a role model for the people and all doctors . During the freedom movement and any other emergency situation, he selflessly served the injured and the victims. That’s why the purpose behind celebrating Doctor’s Day is to honor the doctors in the society by being sympathetic towards them. The role of a doctor is equally important in the world like a farmer and a young man, without whom it is impossible to imagine a society. Doctors even bring the patient out of the mouth of death. Doctors try to cure the patient through different medical systems like Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani. Doctors are playing their role promptly in curing people who are battling a dangerous epidemic like corona all over the world. So do respect them.

How is this day celebrated?

  • Various programs are organized in government and private health organizations to get acquainted with the contribution made by doctors. It is specially celebrated by ‘ Rotary Club of North Kolkata and North – East Kolkata Social and Welfare Organization ‘ which organize a big event every year for this grand celebration of Doctor’s Day.
  • On this day, programs are organized to discuss various aspects of the medical profession like health check-up, treatment, prevention, proper treatment of disease, etc.
  • On this day, some medical check-up camps are organized by health care organizations for the general public at many health centers and public places, which are absolutely free.
  • Free blood test, random sugar test, ECG, EEG, blood pressure checkup, etc. activities are organized to make everyone aware about the important roles of doctors in life.
  • On the 1st of July, most of the patients are seen thanking their doctors by giving them greeting cards, appreciation cards, bouquets of flowers, greeting messages through mail, etc. Special meetings, parties and dinners are organized by health centers, hospitals, nursing homes or doctors at homes, to remember the importance of doctor’s day and their contribution to the medical profession.


The whole country is saluting the role of Corona Warriors in the increasing infection of Corona virus. Not only today but always doctors are the real heroes. Doctor’s Day is an occasion when we can thank all these heroes for their contribution. Working for these long hours in this time of this pandemic cannot be forgotten.

Writing credits – Aman Brar