104th Incarnation Month of spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda – Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj


We all are the part of this world. There is a great diversity in culture, values, religions and thoughts. Besides this diversity, we all are the children of one Superpower God. There is no difference on the basis of our formation and structure. We share different caste and creed. However this diversity demands unity for peace and harmony in the world.

Global Family Day

To promote multiculturalism and to aware people about harmony, sharing and peace, Global Family Day is celebrated on 1st January every year. This one day is dedicated to promote the message of peace, sharing and harmony in the whole global family. Yes, we the entire mankind are the part of a family. We can better survive here when we respect and share each other’s values and live like family.

Table of contents:
Origin of Global Family Day
Need for Global Family Day
Ways to observe Global Family Day
Contribution of saints in uniting the world like family

Origin of Global Family Day:-
It was in the year 1997 when for the first time, the United Nations General Assembly declared the International decade for the culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world. The book named “One day in peace – January 1, 2000” launched by Linda Grover gave thrust to dedicate one day in a year for peace along with declaration of decade. On 1 January, 2000, all of the member states of the United States were invited to dedicate this day for building peace on the planet. As this day was very successful in promoting harmony, United Nations decided to celebrate it as Global Family Day from the next year 2001 annually.

Need for Global Family Day:
We don’t live in isolation. There are several relations that we possess in this world like parents, siblings, Guru and the other. There can be peace in this world when we promote harmony through our words and actions and live in cooperation with everyone. Following shared facts lay emphasis on the need of Global Family Day:

1. Unity in diversity:– We all share different cultures, customs and values. But besides this diversity, this planet is our habitat. We can live here only when we are united through our inner values and admire each other’s diverse characteristics in the form of colour, caste, creed, religion and race. This global family day teaches unity in diversity that is the most powerful weapon for creation of peace and non-violence on this planet.

2. Elimination of war like situation on this planet:-
War between the countries create disorder in the entire world besides affecting the enemy countries. The existence of mankind is on the verge of destruction due to these wars. It is necessary to create the peaceful world for the existence of entire mankind on this planet. Global family day promotes peace and harmony on the global level, thus giving a pause to the wars and wrangles.

3. Teach the value of sharing:-
Sharing generates happiness. There are several people in the society who have abundance of resources while others face scarcity of even necessaries . To develop the habit of sharing, Global family day is meant. It unites the whole mankind like one family. The people who serve the mankind selflessly by helping the needy also get grace of God in abundance.

4. Live a peaceful life:- It is must to have peace in life which we spend. Always the fear of disorder snatches all the peace, thus turning our life into a hell. This world can be heaven for one and all when we consider everyone as part of global Family and share the much needed values like harmony and serenity.

Ways to observe Global Family Day:- The utmost importance of peace and harmony calls for celebration of Global Family Day. There are some ideas to observe this day:

1. Give time to your relations:- The fast moving digital era is gulping our close relations. It is hardly seen that the family members sit together to share their thoughts and problems. This gives birth to several mental and physical issues. If as a family, we share healthy and happy relations only then we can think of making this entire world a better place. So firstly, there is need to strenthen our family relations for a peaceful society.

2. Devote some time for humanity:
As a human being, we all must have selfless love for the entire mankind. But today’s materialism is giving birth to selfishness. We have created own boundaries and limitations beyond which we don’t want to look upon. Devoting time to help the needy opens many doors for the inner peace and happiness. Thus, go to your neighborhood and help if someone needs it badly. This can be a good way to celebrate Global Family Day.

3. Watch/ Read the content that promotes peace:– There is a bulk of content available on the social media that promotes peace and harmony. The content we watch/read puts a deep impact on our thoughts and actions. Let’s change our beliefs and consider ourselves as a part of family by creating a positive mindset with good social media content available.

4. Devote time for spiritualism: Spiritualism teaches the high values of oneness, harmony and peace. It vanishes all the selfish boundaries and makes us admire the whole creation of God. These noble thoughts can make us a part of Global Family Day besides the geographical boundaries.

Contribution of saints in uniting the world like family: India is a land of Saints who always promote the lesson of selfless love, peace and harmony. Saints like Ravidasji, Tulsidasji, Jesus, 10 Gurus of Sikh Religion always promoted oneness and spread the message of selfless love with the whole mankind and Almighty. They focused on creating this world a family. True Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji of Dera Sacha Sauda is a pioneer of peace and harmony in this world. His devotees are setting new milestones in the field of serving mankind. They consider everyone as family and do more than hundreds of welfare works by following the holy teachings of Babaji. The message of unity in diversity is very well depicted through their actions and world. No discrimination is seen on the basis of caste, creed and colour in Dera Sacha Sauda. They are the living example of selfless love to God and His entire creation. We bow down to Guruji for uniting the millions of people in one family by creating a congenial environment.

Let’s create a peaceful world for one and all by putting an end to wrangles and mutual issues. After all we all are living on one planet. Live like family and make this Global family day successful. So fulfill our duty as a human being and create a world with peace and harmony.