Some Easy Ways to Care for Eyes & Vision!


Eyes are the most delicate organ of our body which need utmost care. And many of us often neglect this marvelous gift that enables us to see the world. But, a little care everyday can help you keep your eyes healthy and the eyesight protected. So, here I am going to discuss some of the preventive measures to be followed in routine life so that you can adore the creations of God.

We should care for our eyes - Daily Bees

Eight Measures that can help you keep your eyes healthy, if followed in routine:

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Don’t ever rub your eyes with finger

We generally do this during itching or irritation in eyes. Some people even make it a habit to clean any kind of dust particle using their hands. Now I’m going to tell you an amazing and the easy way which will remove any dust particle from eyes, besides providing complete care to eyes.

Don’t ever rub your eyes with finger - Daily Bees

Take some water in a bowl. Immerse your eye it for two to three seconds. Open and close your eyes for a short time. Now you will see that the dust particle is removed and there is no more irritation persisting.

Use comfortable eye wears

Keep your eyes protected from UV rays with sunglasses. Use right spectacles while regular computerized working. If you play sports which can harm your eyes then you should take a preventive measure by wearing perfect eyewear i.e. eyeglasses, protective goggles or helmets depending upon the sports.

Get your eyes checked regularly

Regular eye check-up, diabetes check, and blood pressure check can prevent your eyes from any kind of disease or can help in recovery at the early stage. So, make these routine checkups part of your life and in case you find any warning signs like changes to your vision etc., then you must consult the doctor immediately.

Get your eyes checked regularly - Daily Bees

Make exercise a habit

Making exercise part of your daily routine can prove to be one of the best decisions of your life. Doing meditation for some time can relax your mind and let you attain inner peace.

Make exercise a habit - Daily Bees

Leave smoking & drinking

These are habits which slowly and steadily destroy life. Scientific studies show that people who are habitual to smoking or drinking have greater chances of cataract and other eye problems.

Leave smoking & drinking - Daily Bees

Have a balanced diet

Healthy meals which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein can give you the best life to live. Leafy vegetables directly impact the eyesight and make your eyes much healthier than ever before.

Have a balanced diet for proper eye care - Daily Bees

Get enough sleep & take regular breaks

Everything in excess is bad but insufficiency also gives rise to problems. So, sufficient sleep gives you the life full of energy. Also, give rest to your eyes for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. Take a 15-minute break from work every 2 hours.

Keep the environment clean

Keeping the environment clean and viewing natural sights give a relaxing experience to the eyes and body. Walking with bare feet on grass improves eyesight and releases fatigue from the body.

I hope you will follow these ideas and find the article helpful.