Monsoon Delight: Double the Fun with Healthy Food Habits


While sitting in my air-conditioned room today, my mind went out of these wall boundaries to the scorching heat outside. As a relief, the news of the upcoming rains is making me crazy to enjoy the food in monsoon!

Monsoon is a weather which not only soothes the soul of living creatures but provides a relaxation to the mother earth too. The taste of monsoon characteristic food is yummy, but sometimes it becomes the reason for illness. So, we at Daily bees present to our readers, few tips to have a healthy diet when nature and food together make a call but we have to take a better decision for better health

While seeing the showers of rain, the first thing our heart asks for is a hot cup of tea and the deep-fried snack (Pakoras), which must rather be avoided during that time. The season does bring happiness, but also infections due to which we need to take extra care stay fit and healthy. So, here are some foods to be avoided during monsoon season:

  • Don’t go on a heavy diet instead keep your diet very light. ‘Pakodas’ and ‘Chole Bhature’ during monsoons can be a sickening diet.
  • Don’t have fizzy drinks as these drinks reduce minerals from our body. Instead, you can go for lemon water or boiled water.
  • Avoid seafood and non-vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid roadside food as it comes into direct contact with contaminated air and can become the reason of affecting health.

Intake healthy food - Daily Bees

During this season, cold, cough, and flu are the infections we need to remain far from. So now, here are some items to be included in diet:

  • Include ginger & garlic in your diet which work as immunity boosters as they are filled with antioxidant properties. Also, they help in easing the digestion process & ensure faster metabolic rate.
  • You can include a crispy fruit like pear to your diet which is rich in fiber and vitamins. You might not be aware of the fact that having freshly squeezed pear juice or munching it can get you relieved from fever.
  • You can have a glass of turmeric-infused milk with one teaspoon honey to fight from monsoon illness.
  • You can also add soup to your diet and add a little pinch of black pepper to it, as black pepper works as a natural antidote for any kind of general illness during monsoon.
  • Add apple, pomegranate, beetroot, and almonds to your diet which give nutrition and keep you healthy.

Healthy food for Healthy diet - Daily Bees

Hoping that the article will be beneficial for all the readers and will help you stay fit during monsoon. So, wishing you happy monsoon, stay healthy and happy.

Credits – Kajal