International day of friendship 2021: History, ways to celebrate and significance



It is truly believed that relationships are based on trust and understanding between one and all.
Among those, one of the purest relationship we found is of Friendship.

Friends are like stars. They are so many in number but the best ones shine brighter.
People moving in and out from your life is continued till the end but a true friendship is a gift from God which is literally hard to find and once if it is built, it get assembled into a never ending bond.

Table of contents:-

1. About International Day of FRIENDSHIP
2. History Behind Initiation of Friendship Day
3. Ways to celebrate Friends Day
4.Which is a True Friendship?
5. Significance of the Day

International Day of FRIENDSHIP:-

Although friendships or even any of the relationship do not require a day to give importance for. But these days give us way to stronger the bond and to cheerup the relation as well.

Friendship day is celebrated worldwide to
dedicate the day to that pure connection between the two and more. The first World friendship day was marked on 30 july,1958. In some countries like India, it is celebrated constantly on first sunday of August.

AIM- A campaign promoting oneness between each individual irrespective of race and religion and sharing the relation of Equality peacefully.

History Behind Initiation of Friendship Day:-

The idea for this day was first derived in Hallmark cards by the founder ‘Joyce Hall’ in 1930 and it was first honoured in 1958 in Paraguay as “International friendship day”.
Hereby the World friendship Crusade stepped forward, an organisation which enhance fellowship among each Human being, regardless of which the race, community,customs, color or religion they belong to.

Since then, 30 july was declared as the official date by General Assembly of United Nations in 2011. But India prefer to celebrate it on first sunday of August every year rather than 30th of July, this year being on 1st August.

Ways to celebrate Friends Day:-

Bunch of happiness is seen among the youngsters for this day. Teenagers of school and colleges celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and joy.

  1. Some of them confess each other by exchanging gifts, greeting cards, flowers etc. to make them feel special.
  2. Friendship bands and bracelets which are handmade or readymade are tied on the wrist of each friend.
  3. Mobile phones and social media plays an important role to popularise the day.
    Also people honour the day by using social media sites with new advancements and ideas.
  4. Some go for a party hangouts, concerts, a trip to the favourite places, cafes, restaurants and many more ways they love to celebrate these happy hours.
  5. Some write a brief note to confess and for thanking each other.
  6. Some attend community cultural celebrations etc.

Which is a True Friendship?

In this Introverted world, people ditch each other and it takes a whole life to find the one who deserves the tag of ‘True Friend’.

True Friendship is the one-

  1. Who highlights your drawbacks first instead of hiding them or poking fun of them.
  2. Who shares the bond of truth. They never flatter each other instead says truth to each other whether right or wrong.
  3. Who move hand in hand in difficult times, who hold the one in crowd when everyone seems to step back.
  4. The one who is Selflessly devoted for their friendship and not just making use of the relation and then letting it go away.
  5. It is the Silent bond between two or more friends who is never dependent on the explanations and conveniency instead is sincere and honest for each other.

Significance of World Friendship Day:-

  1. We live in a society of challenges, crisis, divisions, trust issues, discriminations etc. It looks mandatory to built a form of harmony among this tough world. Friendship Day seems the correct initiation to overcome these issues.
  2. The strong ties of trust and peace can be developed by building the bond of friendship among people, countries, cultures, etc.
  3. The day raises international understanding and respect to achieve stability and unity.
  4. The root cause should be ended by ending the conflicts and violence plus celebrating the day of bond.
  5. It gives the chance to step back and thank this relationship of friendship of every age group.
  6. It connects many of the isolated bonds of friends and rebuilt the bridge among them.
  7. The day promotes the most valuable feeling of Human that is the Relationships and togetherness.


This day brings new opportunities to merge the friends, the day to cheer the bond of trust and inner peace.

A true friendship is like a diamond which is very precious and friendship day is the day to give it importance it deserves.

Writing credits – Kavya