Faith Unshaken – True Love Story of Over 65 Million People

What is faith? Faith is trust or confidence in something or someone, after trials and tests.

What is Blind Faith? The belief without true understanding and perception is generally called as blind faith. Now the question arises, what is love? Love is faith in action. And if the faith is blind, then the love is bound to be blind too. Moreover, in contrast to the popular notion, love is not just a romantic feeling between a couple, it’s more than that. Let’s try to understand.

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Did you notice the difference between faith and BLIND faith? Simply put, faith is based on tried & tested exercises, experiences, events, whereas, blind faith is built on stories narrated by others, without personal true understanding and perception. When you put faith in something, or someone, then your love is eternal, whereas when you put BLIND faith in someone, then your love blinds you from seeing the real side of your loved one.

This modern world of materialism is drifting people away from authentic expression of feelings. Everyone wants to have a sense of belonging, love and faith. But not everyone wants to go an extra mile, and dive into the depths to finally adopt something as their faith or love.

Fortunately enough, there are few people (few, when compared to the large population of the world) who tried, who executed the preaching of their chosen spiritual leader, noticed change within themselves, attained calmness and felt the love and charisma of the True Spiritual Master, with the course of time.

The Guru gives love, and the devotees put faith in Him. The True Master does not command, he always requests disciples to practice the right, but not the easiest path in all aspects of life. Most people misunderstand the real concept of the spiritual path, they think it binds them, but, in reality, if the Master is true, he sets them free with wisdom to attain contentment. Of course, you can challenge the fact as to why be satisfied with less if one can achieve more in life, but then, at what cost?

If you answer honestly, the cost is time wasted in running behind worldly pleasures & ignoring the bigger blessings of Almighty by not being thankful for health, which always gives short term happiness but only pain in the longer run.

Now you must be wondering, why am I discussing the love and faith in a spiritual master on this Valentine’s Day? Because, there’s a greater power than humans, who is beyond the scope of our thinking, the Supreme Lord who can’t be seen at one’s own will, but He himself blesses the seekers. The spiritual love bestowed by him is unconditional and pure.

The ‘intellectuals’ think that there’s no logic behind faith, without trying and testing it. So this is an endeavour to make them think with an open and progressive approach to reach the root of this belief system, for belief is the strength of believers, and a Spiritual Guru or True Master always leads by example.

Presently, the faith of more than 65 million people worldwide lies in Baba Ram Rahim, the third and current spiritual master of the socio-spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda. For more than past one and half an year, He is imprisoned for criminal allegations, but his disciples are more determined than ever.

What do you think can be the reason behind this deep faith? Certainly it is the consistency and zeal of Baba Ram Rahim to extend helping hands where locals or authorities failed to touch the lives of the people, be it Odisha Cyclone in 2000, or Nepal earthquake, making houses for the homeless, adoption of prostitutes as daughter and getting them married, all 134 such welfare tasks. A notable change in Haryana was noticed in terms of sex ratio, after numerous appeals of Baba Ram Rahim to stop female feticide. Regular blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, tree plantation drives are held, under his guidance in which millions of people contribute. Why? Because they have true love and faith in their hearts.

Words fall short to describe this beautiful bond of spiritual love and faith. So let us all celebrate the true love of God by committing ourselves to explore him with an open and unbiased mindset.

Have a great time filled with love and light!!