Mai Kar Sakti Hai – I Can Do This! Read About the Movie Tumhari Sulu Behind the Dialogue!

You might know many women who are housewives, maybe one of them is reading this article right now. Most of you might have closely witnessed their lives, their routine or some might have lived this job. And you will also relate to the movie we are talking about today as it is a movie based on a middle class family (which most of the people are a part of) and the lead character of Sulu is played by Vidya Balan which is of a housewife.


The ratings for the movie have gone 7/10 which is a really good rating. Movies with such ratings are really good and make a good choice. So is this movie. It is a movie packed with good acting skills, story-line which a viewer can relate to and a good energy. These days people are very fond of watching videos which they can relate to and can enjoy them thinking of themselves or their close ones at the character’s place. So from that point of view also, you will like the movie.

Acting Skills

Vidya Balan is a very talented actress. She is really good at her work and you will really enjoy her skills. She has perfectly sported the character of Sulu, a lively housewife who wants to do something in her life. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then also you can feel the character’s energy from trailer. The aura, energy and expressions are priceless. Vidya is a strong reason to watch the movie.
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I don’t want to be a spoiler so I will not go in the depth but I will focus on key areas which I loved about the movie. The story is about a lady who inspite of low educational status, no support from her siblings, no job, wants to live on her terms and want to enjoy her life and live happily. You can feel the character as it touches the heart of viewers. What problems she faces and how she tackles them is an amazing journey shown beautifully by Suresh Triveni.

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Family Love

It has also been highlighted in the movie that there are problems in a happy family too. What a father or a mother can do for their kids and what husband and wife can do for each other has also been included in the script in the form of incidences that happen and how they tackle them. It is a beautiful story overall. There are some flaws in the movie which you will hardly notice as they are well hidden smartly in the whole plot.


  1. Tumhari sullu is nice movie and yes women can do everything to support her family. Womens can manage everything like office work, kitchen, kids, husband just needed support from family to take step ahead. This is all shown in movie