Office Politics OR Work Place Politics


In the new era of the professional working environment what is still an old aged practice?

It is Office politics or work place hidden tactics to keep oneself floating on the heads of the team.

Though nothing new still a few points I am going to pen down here on -Often the office politics are defined by self-interest & agendas that run ahead of business

Goals.Management is ready to sacrifice success in order to control to look good or to maintain control.

office environment

Sure signs of a highly political office environment :

1.BLAME -GAMES, finger pointing.-When thing go well,I use “I”.When I do not know how things go, I use “We”.When things go bad,I use “You” & “They”.

Why is that you can do a million things right, but do one thing wrong, and that is what my boss remembers ?

2.Mind-Games and Manipulation. Create doubts & manipulate situation to show off the supremacy on the team members, no authority to team but seeking loyalty of the team members.

3.Managers operates by pressure -not by inspiration nor by support– Funda, good morning let the stress begin.Kind of caging of the team.

4.Setting up people to fail-keeping the team members in dark, not sharing the motives of a certain assignment.

5.Honesty is considered to be a threat-The manager wants to make team players loyal to him not to the job or organisation.End result is integrity is gone.

6.Not sharing relevant information in order to maintain control-Keeps the required info upto him/her & not passing on it to team players to attain common goals, in   simple words we can say wants to walk away with all the credits at the end of task or job done.

7.Not hiring nor promoting strong performers so as not endanger own position– not ready to get replaced, afraid to pass on authority to junior fellows.

8.Misrepresenting own accomplishment to make oneself look better at expense of others, taking credit for other people successful work ,and “crediting “ them when their efforts fail- I will only give you credit for your failures, if your tasks fails.

9.Favoritism & Nepotism– Always carrying soft corner for the few selected ones among team players, kinship & personal relatives gets better perks and benefits.

10.Backstabbing– Count on my support. I will be always be one step behind you, though not back the team player, waits to see him getting fail.

11.Micromanagement & excessive control– No policy in place to run the organisation, rather than policy driven it is a people driven work ethics.Two differ set to rules for two different team players.

office environment

Obedience is preferred to loyalty.- Loves THE YES BOSS kind team players.

Sum up of the above :-Loyalty, talent and hard work are not appreciated in toxic political cultures at work place.

    Honesty and integrity are punished.