Covid-19 Second Wave – Full Info On Lockdown And Restrictions State Wise


After first wave of Covid-19, now Coronavirus is at peak and a horrible scene seems to be in every corner of the country, Which shows a dangerous outbreak in every hospital whether it is public or private.

Due to Covid Pandemic, India and her people are suffering and there are shortages of oxygen cylinders in the hospital and along this corona positive patients are increasing rapidly and not admitted in the hospitals as they are not having enough beds for patients.

Let’s check some current situation and challenges of covid pandemic in India given below.

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Current status of Covid pandemic

Globally spread covid-19 is hitting back with its second wave and worsen result shows in the form of dead bodies which mostly affecting the adults who are the bread winner of the family and some how they have to come out from the house for their livelihood.

The current status of covid pandemic with second wave in whole country India has 14.3 million total cases and 1,74000 deaths and along this, 12.5 million recovered from it.

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India’s vaccinations report

Two covid-19 vaccines

India’s first indigenous COVID-19 Vaccine COVAXIN by Bharat Biotech is developed with the Indian council of medical research (ICMR) National Institute of Virology (NIV).

Another is COVISHIELD manufactured by Serum Institute of India.

According to Our World In Data in India, total doses given 117 million people and people fully vaccinated 14.9 million and percentage (%) fully vaccinated is 1.1%, the data is from 2 April to 15 April 2021.

Weekend curfew situation in every state of the country India

India is experiencing second covid wave which is very severe in its nature comparing from first wave. The death rate is increasing rapidly due to covid pandemic. And due to this, state governments have imposed weekend curfew to combat the current situation.

Let’s check state-wise conditions

Some states are very much affecting in different fields such as economically, socially, politically and ethically, states includes Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh , Bihar and many more.

Let’s start with most developed state of India.

Maharashtra: Total cases 3.64 million and 2.96 million cases are recovered and 59,153 deaths recorded.

According to the statistics of the state, Maharashtra government imposed Janta curfew in entire state till May 1 and instructed people for limited gathering for social and religious events. Shooting for films, daily soap and advertisements suspended till the situation becomes better.

Delhi: Total cases recorded 784 k and 718 k recovered and 11,652 deaths recorded. In Delhi, weekend curfew announced and size of the wedding reduced and people gathering restricted and public transport which are essential, to operate with 50% capacity.

Uttar Pradesh: recorded with total cases 766,000 and 627,000 recovered and 9480 deaths recorded. In U.P. Night curfew has imposed throughout the state. Schools are closed till May 15 and U.P. Board exams has been postponed. Sunday lockdown in U.P. up to Rs 10,000 fine for mask violation.

Haryana: with 3,36,000 cases recorded and recovered cases are 302000 and along this 3,334 deaths recorded. Due to this severe condition, class x board exams cancelled and night curfew in the entire state will be imposed till April 30 from 10 pm to 5 am and size of wedding and non- professional gatherings are reduced.

Bihar: In Bihar state, almost 271,000 cases recovered from 301,000 total cases and 1,675 deaths recorded. In Bihar, situation is very severe and surge in covid cases state government ordered weekend curfew and increased vaccinations and tests.

J&k: Night curfew in urban areas of 8 district of J&K. Class 10th board exam cancelled.

Punjab: In Punjab, most of the people 247,000 recovered from 287,000 cases and 7,722 deaths recorded. All types of gatherings banned.

Chandigarh: In the union territory, 32,397 cases are recorded and 28,619 cases are recovered and 407 deaths have been recorded. Night curfew from 10pm to 5am along this restriction on social, political and religious gatherings- 200 for outdoors and 100 for indoors.

Kerala: limit on gatherings-100 for indoors and 200 for outdoors. Along this, no standing passengers in buses.

Madhya Pradesh: week long curfew in Bhopal till 19 April

Karnataka: Night curfew due to covid-19 from 10pm to 5am in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and many cities till 20 April.

Uttarakhand: schools closed in Dehradun, Haridwar and Haldwani. Schools, institutes and swimming pools remained closed.

Same scene is prevailing in whole country with night curfew and restriction on social gatherings.

Challenges of Covid pandemic

post covid pandemic there will be extreme impact shown such as- (Data has taken from Oxfam international reports)

Inequality virus will increase on large amount as it has mentioned in Oxfam International report.

After the covid-19, De globalization will take place and feeling of nationalism will prevail.

Covid has exposed the broken system. In many countries world order will change.

Economically worlds situation will be worsen, unemployment will raise by leaps and bounds, Many people will be victim of hunger…. and nutrition deficiency

In India, populous states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh will suffer more and exploitation of people will take place which further lead to mental health issues.

MSME sector will suffer on large amount in India and labour laws has been suspended.


We are in the mid of the second wave of covid-19 and we individually have to care of ourselves with precautions with wearing mask every time when go to outside the house and maintaining social distancing. These two things we have to take care as it rightly said precaution is better than cure. Along this do meditation and pranayama and detoxify the body and take good sleep and healthy food.

Writing credits: Monika Panwar