Meditation For Stress Management: My Experience


One and all in this mortal world, desires to develop their power, wants to climb higher and craves for a clean bill of health. All this can be assuredly achieved, But a store you need to visit is your inner self.

Yes, your inner spirit is the one, which can uplift your morale till the utmost heights and to chatter with your inner powers, it is mandatory to meditate.


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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a Super tonic and a reservoir for happiness. It is to centralize your mind apart from regular buzz and negativities.

Concentrating in such a way that our thoughts of outer world get relaxed and our subconsciousness receives an immense peace with power.

Adding up of meditation in one’s life can bring up an automatic change in mind and soul.

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How To Meditate in a Right Way?

There are many tasks in your daily regimen, which needs to be accomplished. But beginning of the daylight should include meditation.

  1. At first, Sit in a relaxed position and calm yourself. It is better to adopt Pranayam along with meditation.
  2. Now shutting your eyes, and inhaling a deep breathe relaxingly and holding it.
  3. Stable your mind with focus at place between your eyes and continue to meditate to God’s words in whatever Religion you believe.
  4. Now slowly and steadily exhale out as much as possible with no air inside. This is called as one cycle of Pranayama.
  5. Carry on this method is called Mantra of meditation regularly.
  6. Follow the practice in your daily routine whether initiating from 15 minutes in morning and evening.
  7. But fixing your time and mind set is utmost important.
  8. The best time period to bring it in practice is time of Brahma Muhurta (the last stroke of night) that is 2-5 am before the sunrise. At this time, Spirituality is gained easily as the level of oxygen is air is higher.
  9. Yes, You should be aware that while practicing, the negative thoughts inside you will undoubtedly stop you, disturb you, and never let you step up towards God. But you should keep going.

My experience on Power of meditation

Its mandatory to know that:

Inside us there are two magical potentials indwelling, the one is called Aatma/ soul which is subconscious state of ours and consists of positivity and the second called as Mana holding all of our negative thoughts and causing our soul to become fragile.

Meditation for me worked as:

Source of Peace and Happiness

The harsh time in my life was when I got failure in my Graduation Results. This period of depression digged a pit in my inner heart to feel the utter lowest from the whole world.

I always heard that it’s late but not dark at God’s Shelter. And that proved True for me,

I learnt that Remembering God is simply a key to achieve happiness in this society. I started practicing to God’s words and thinking positively for Future.

Now, I can proudly share that when I prefer to meditate regularly, all of my mountain like faulty deeds change into small gravels. And even that small gravel like sadness does not hurt me due to pious grace of God and I am totally fulfilled with happiness inside out.

Valuable to decrease stress

Stress is a pit for failure. Bearing Stress brings pain one over the other and the same I experienced.

It generally happens that if once we fail, our inner negative powers exacerbate and built up the mentality that we are worst, we are of no Use. This develops Stressful environment and failure all around.

Seriously Meditation increased my will power, my brainpower, increased my mental capacity to broadcast my mind, so as to stand and move for crossing the next obstacle seen bumping in my success path.

Enhancing Self Confidence

The negative errors of my mind still continued Questioning that What is the need to increase inner will power.

But then I slowly realized that –

Increment in my will power was crucial as losing it can lose even the secured stakes of my life.

Human’s Brain can do wonders but we human do not use it to the maximum.

This is just due to loss of our self-confidence. I was never trying to enhance my range of success and remain frightened of my failure.

And as i enhanced my strategy of meditation and studied that surprisingly No any Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy has been able to find such tonic to build up will power and only meditation has uplifted my confidence and now i am a happiest Soul.

Merits of meditation in Pandemic

In the current state of this Era, such economical failure and that imprisoned in a cage like feeling in my mind created an adverse effect on mental health.

In such circumstances,

  1. The only pattern of Stress Reliever i found was Meditation. The strategy to continue it in morning and evening of every 24 hours of Life helped me So much to lower down Depressional state.
  2. Now, I always believe that If I pray to God daily with Honesty, then the Superpowers are such kindful to prevent me from this fearful Epidemic and this truly happened.
  3. My mind remained 24×7 frightful or worrying for the baggage of past during this pandemic, But in whole of this negative ambiance, Meditation was one for adding positive energy in myself.
  4. Pondering with God was Safe and best time investment for me during this imprisonment.
  5. It was difficult to concentrate but i tried regularly and Meditation relieved me at every Step of difficulties in life.


In a nutshell, concluding to this is that Positivity in this introverted world is only gained from God’s Prayer via meditation.

Writing Credit – Kavya