Baisakhi: The Festival of Prosperity


Baisakhi is the one of the most popular festival in India that is celebrated with the onset of spring season. In 2021, Baisakhi will be celebrated on 14th April with lots of enthusiasm all over the Country. The word Baisakhi comes from the Hindu calendar month of ‘VAISHAKH’, that’s why Baisakhi is also called as Vaisakhi. In other parts of India, Baisakhi is known as diverse names as ‘SANKRANTI’ in Odisha, ‘BIHU’ in Uttarakhand, “POORAM VISHU’ in Kerala and so on. In Punjab and Haryana, Baisakhi is celebrated with lots of joy and colors.

Everything you should know about Baisakhi festivalHistory of Baisakhi

Baisakhi is also a historical and religious festival. Baisakhi is the symbol of prosperity for farmers, as on that time they harvest rubi crops and pay their tribute to God by celebrating this festival for abundant harvesting. They all enjoy their happiness via celebrating this festival. Sikhs also have a great history with Baisakhi. On this day, In 1699, the tenth guru of Sikhs, GURU GOBIND SINGH G laid the foundation of Khalsa Panth. By this, Guru Ji created an army of Sikh warriors for freedom over mughal emperors. In this way, this festival has great importance for Sikhs.

Hindus recognize this Festival since thousands of years, GANGA descended to Earth to save Humanity from all evils and sins. So, On that day Hindus visit the holy rivers like Ganga, Kaveri and dive in the holy water to pure him/herself. Baisakhi is also marked as the first day of new year, according to Hindu calendar, i.e. The first day of Vaisakh.

In this way, Baisakhi is Inter-related with every religion and the entire country celebrates the occasion in traditional way.

Importance of Baisakhi

As we discussed above, Baisakhi is considered to be very important for every religion of Country. Baisakhi is a bold and beautiful festival that is traditionally celebrated through processions, fairs, parades, crafts, folk music and more. Saint Swami Dayanand Saraswati also founded ARYA SAMAJ, one of sect of Hindu religion, in 1875. This way Baisakhi has great importance via spiritual, religious and practical view also. This festivals brings a wave of enthusiasm in everyone’s life that gives a warm hug of joy and happiness.

How to Celebrate Baisakhi?

Baisakhi is the festival of new beginning and obviously the celebration of beginning is always rocking. But, In this year Covid-19 mandates us to stay at home. Previously, The Baisakhi is celebrated in many ways. Fairs are organized in different parts of India. People wear different colour clothes and gather and celebrate that day by doing traditional folk dance BHANGRA AND GIDDHA. They perform on the Rhythm of DHOL.

Specially, Sikhs are very much excited for this. GURUDWARAS are cleaned and decorated. The Sikhs assemble for the Spiritual gatherings and after that LANGER is organized for the devotees without any discrimination. Religious procession, that are called NAGAR KIRTAN, was led by the ‘PANJ PYARE’ that pass out by the roads.

People also visit fairs and do shopping also. BUT… Due to current situation, it’s difficult to celebrate Baisakhi in that way. Then How to celebrate Baisakhi at home with Rocking Way!
The Lockdown can change the way to celebrate the festival Baisakhi, But our Spirit and joy will be same…


  • Decorate your home with colourful flowers.
  • Draw Rangoli with homemade colors i.e. You can use chalk, rice, flour, sand. Use geometrical items for curves and design.
  • Made decorative garlands with the help of flowers like marigold and jasmine. This will play a huge role to decorate house .
  • Cook different type of food and enjoy with family
  • Watch and listen pious Sermons with family and awaken your soul ️


Baisakhi is celebrated in various religions for various reasons. The regions may be different, the history may be different, but the spirit behind celebrating the festival is one, that is, to remain United, to Stay blissful and show gratitude towards God.

Writing Credits – Sukhdeep Kaur