Hidden Illnesses are the Worst


When someone is feeling low, what do you do? You might check pulse rate and blood pressure or might note the body temperature or other things and reach the reason, be it fever or injury or some sort of infection! But what if all tests seem to be fine and still the person is feeling low? What would you do now?

Now, it’s time to think that the illness might be hidden! It might not be physical but something else!


It might be making the patient feel lonely and apprehensive or maybe making him/her cry. There might be inability to ask for help because patient himself might not know what the problem is!

If you see someone spending time lonely more than its usual routine, if he/she has disturbed and unproductive routine without any obvious reason, if there are early awakenings from the sleep or if someone is silent even when asked to speak, it’s time to think, not only think but to act too. Because it might be depression! It might be engulfing that person at a speed you are totally unaware of! You never know how difficult life could have become for the person in need and above all, he/she might be feeling inability to ask for help.

Believe me, you need to act! Act now!

Talk to the person till the point he speaks. Take the person to places where he feels comfortable. Try to keep him happy. Pay attention to physical health also. If you don’t find any progress, take professional help! Talk to your psychiatrist and start counseling sessions and if need, medications too.

If the person wants to talk about suicide, let him talk as it will decrease the chances of such deadly steps.

Talking is the best treatment to deal with this illness! Start talking to your loved ones as if they need your help, you reach them in time and if you need help, tell them and don’t keep suffering!