5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast in Winters


Now a day, Weight increase is the common problem which is faced by majority of people. And losing weight in winter seems impossible. But it is a misconception raised by people, in reality you can lose weight in winter much easily by without much effort and hitting the gym.

lose weight fastly in winter

The studies show that keeping cool helps the body to burn fat. As sleeping in cold, speeds up the metabolism and increases brown fat. That brown fat (good fat) eradicates white fat from the body by burning calories. It helps a lot in losing weight in winter without exercising and dieting. All you need to do is adopting the right strategy. Here we have some tips and tricks which will surely help you to shed pounds.

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Water is our one of the biggest life line and it helps the body in many ways including losing weight in winter. And the most common mistake we do in cold weather is that, we drink less water. Firstly, you need to drink more water. It will curb hunger, boost energy and also makes you feel hydrated. It will ensure that your body is getting rid of toxins and water. So, taking a diligent amount a water is a good option for your health as well as losing weight.


You will be surprised to read that sunlight is tied to losing weight. Actually sunlight can prevent dips in serotonin, it is a chemical which boosts mood and it’s partly responsible to give the feeling of fullness to your body. Heavy dose of bright light in the morning lessens the food craving and as well as reduce weight. While lower level of serotonin leads to insomnia, depression and weight gain.


Study and lots of evidence shows that higher protein helps in weight loss apart from other health benefits. It maintains fat-burning muscle and fool the brain by thinking that you have eaten more than you have. Eating high protein will keep your body full and help you in shedding the unwanted pounds.

Hydrating Foods

You should eat foods which are rich in fiber and contain high amounts of water. Such as fruits, vegetables and soups. It will aid weight without adding calories. These foods will make you stay hydrated and also help to lose weight.

Making Time For Quality Sleep and Avoid Stress

We often ignore two things when we discussed about fitness and weight loss i.e weight and stress . Both of them indirectly related to body function and hormones. Inadequate sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. Lack of sleep may improve cravings and hunger which cause an ability to gain weight. Stress can increase levels of the hormone cortisol, which can increase belly fat.

For these reasons, you have to make time for quality sleep and avoid unnecessary stress.

If you are also facing winter weight gain problem, just follow 5 tips and feel the change.