Best Time of Day to Workout According to Science


We all know that exercise is very beneficial for us and by doing regular exercise, the muscles remain healthy, as well as blood flow in the body also gets better. Exercising regularly reduces blood pressure related problems.

But if the exercise is done correctly and at the right time, then it has many more benefits.

So today I will tell you the right time and right way to exercise.

People have different opinions about what should be the right time to workout.  If you are also in a similar dilemma about what time you should do a workout, then let us tell you what research says.

Best Time of Day to Workout According to Science - Daily Bees

Morning Workout

Helpful to follow routine

Many researchers have found that people who do workouts as soon as they wake up in the morning are able to follow the fitness routine better and do regular workouts.

Effect on metabolism

Morning workout accelerates metabolism, that is, it increases the capacity of the body to burn calories. So morning workouts are more beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

Overall effect on body and mind

Workout in the morning gives you the mental orientation that you have completed an important task of the day, and for all further activities, your thinking becomes positive. Also, you feel energetic throughout the day.

Workout plan according to food

Morning workouts should usually be done before breakfast. On an empty stomach, light exercise is good and health is more beneficial than post-breakfast exercise. Fresh air in the morning also strengthens the lungs and provides more oxygen than the oxygen the body gets throughout the day. Morning sunlight has more healthy properties that provide essential nutrients to the body.  For all these reasons, morning workouts are more beneficial.

Build right workout routine

You will get up at the right time to do workouts in the morning and due to getting up at the right time, you will continue to do the rest of the work at the right time so do make a workout chart for yourself.

After this, you will have breakfast at the right time.  Digestion of food in the body will also occur smoothly.  Apart from this, the body will also perform well.  Morning workout is beneficial in case of any digestive problems.

Amazing benefit of morning workout

Morning workout provides you freshness. The fresh air of the morning in the environment, gives you freshness all day. Get up in the morning and do yoga or dance as a workout, you can also take a walk if you want. By doing this, the health will be right and the hormones in the body will also remain balanced.

Evening Workout

As soon as you wake up in the morning, going to the gym to workout might make you worry about getting late for office, school, college, etc. Have you ever thought that there may be some benefits of doing workouts in the evening! Let’s read and learn about them:

Effects of evening workout on sleep

Exercising vigorously in the evening leads to very good sleep at night. This burns fat as well as reduces the stress of the day.

Body doesn’t take much time to warm up

Run to the gym as soon as you wake up in the morning and do a long warm-up. But you do not need to spend much time to do workouts in the evening. Your body will warm-up automatically to work out.

Free time for workout

After settling the office work in the evening, you get a lot of time to work out in the gym and here is no hurry for anything.


Basically, both morning and evening workouts have their own benefits, but morning have little more. But, you can workout anytime, even can do workout at home with the help of some workout app. Just make sure that when you workout, your body gets drenched in sweat from head to toe.


Blog Credits: Aman Brar