World Blood donor day 2021: Theme, Importance of the day, and benefits of blood donation



What is the importance of blood in our life, it is probably only known who needs it in emergency. Many times, when the patient needs blood during an accident or due to operation or any other reason, then many lives are saved by donating blood by blood donors.

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th June, this year also Blood Donation Day is being celebrated on Monday.

Table of contents:

  • When is world blood donor day celebrated
  • Theme of world blood donor day
  • Why is world blood donor day celebrated
  • Which country will host world blood donor day 2021?
  • Benefits of donating blood and some important things
  • Conclusion

When is World Blood Donor Day celebrated?

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th June with the aim of motivating and making people aware about donating blood. This day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, who was born on 14 June 1868, who is also a Nobel Prize winner.

Celebrating World Blood Donation Day was started by the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross society, and the Red Crescent Society in 2004, in which June 14 was said to be celebrated as World Blood Donation Day. After which the first World Donor Day was celebrated on 14 June 2004.

World blood donor day Theme

Every year, this day is based on a special theme, that’s why this time also, a theme has been set. This year 2021’s theme is ‘Give blood and keep the world beating’. Those who donate blood and save the life of the world are being celebrated with the slogan. In 2020, World Blood Donor Day was celebrated with the slogan “Safe Blood Saves Life”.

Why is World Blood Donor Day celebrated?

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year

  • To fulfill the need of blood around the world and to motivate people to donate blood and to increase the morale of blood donors and to promote the donation. Millions of lives can be saved by the campaign, as well as this day is a day to thank all the blood donors who have been donating blood.
  • Motivating people who donate blood to save the lives of pregnant mothers and children.
  • To encourage voluntary and unpaid blood donors to donate blood.

Which country will host World Blood Donor Day 2021?

This year, World Blood Donor Day 2021 will be hosted by Italy through its National Blood Center and the global event will be held in Rome on 14 June 2021. Earlier in 2019, World Blood Donor Day was hosted by Rwanda. But the last time this day was celebrated digitally by WHO due to the outbreak of Corona virus in 2020.

Benefits of donating blood and some important things

Even today, there are many different misconceptions about blood donation among people all over the world, many people are very much afraid while donating blood, but let us tell you that there is no danger of giving, but you should take care of some things while donating blood.

  •   Men can donate blood once in 3 months and a woman once in 4 months.
  • Your blood gets regenerated in 7 days after donating blood.
  • Donating blood does not cause any kind of weakness or deficiency of hemoglobin.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoking before or after donating blood, as well as avoid tobacco gutkha consumption
  • After giving blood, you have to take special care of your body, in such a situation, you should take healthy diet and consume maximum amount of fruits, juices etc.
  • Do not do heavy exercise for at least 12-18 hours after donating blood.
  • Donating blood not only controls your weight but also keeps your liver healthy.
  • Any person in the age group of 18 to 65 years can donate blood, who does not have any infection or disease and his minimum weight should be 50 kg.
  • People who are HIV or Hepatitis positive, have had a heart attack within 6-12 months, have recently had malaria, or have had a tattoo recently within 6 months cannot donate blood.


Friends, now you must have understood that how important blood donation is and blood donor is also no less than any Messiah, so friends, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 2021, we heartily salute and thank all those blood donors who have been selfless and have donated blood voluntarily and continue to do so. Friends, if you also meet all the standards of blood donation, then you can also donate blood, your blood donation can prove to be effective in saving someone’s life.

Writing credits – Aman Brar