Coronavirus Vaccine Will Likely To Come By Next Year: Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan


Corona pandemic is still hovering like a threat in the nation but battle is going on against it. The pandemic is taking toll of lives continuously and medical organisations in the world are doing their best to make a capable vaccine which can control the spread of the disease and the sufferers can get relief from the illness.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister spoke on Covid – 19 in Rajya Sabha

Yesterday the Union Health Minister addressed in Rajya Sabha the upper house of parliament and said Covid-19 transmission is unfurled at high pace in the nation and mortality rate is also inclining with instant spreading of the ailment. The full stop on this health issue requires proper medication which is not available till now and can be available in the month of January next year but that will not be in reach of all the nationals at once so only shield is the safety measures. He added that Covid-19 is far from over in the nation still and this journey of battle against Corona  is quiet a long run to go.

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Defence for Centre Government’s policy to deal with Covid-19

The centre is being questioned by the opposition for the solution of the present circumstances in the country so Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan defended the Government on the facts that our country is one from the few nations that have managed to segregate the virus from transmission. He also appreciated the Lockdown which has saved approximately 30 lakhs lives.

The Government of India was prepared for situation and started the intiatives to handle it in January 2020 before the beginning of pandemic. Though the plight was worsening with passage of time but there is improvement in the medical facilitiesand now there are numerous labs and availability of medical equipments for the service of people throughout the nation. He showed his concern that after lockdown people are at fault that the hazard of Covid-19 is over now which is causing the new cases of transmission and posing another difficulty for us.

Our major weapon to confront Corona pandemic is safety if we will follow the social distancing and wear mask outside the home then this problem can be curb upto great extent. As the government is doing all possible efforts to avail the vaccine in the next year but the prevention is the best tool to pull out the danger out the lives and nations. Hence Vardhan insisted the national to be habitual to wear mask and keep social distance while moving in the society.

Writing Credits – Mandeep Kaur