Covid-19 Cases in India Cross 43 Lakh Mark


Corona virus has created a crisis that shook 123 countries and territories.
It had proved to be a terrible epidemic till now.

In India, continuous rise up of Corona cases is becoming a matter of concern. 75,809 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in India and the overall counting become 2,480,442.

On Monday, 1129 new deaths in India have been reported.

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Covid-19 Outbreak in Maharashtra

In the terms of Covid-19 cases, Maharashtra is already ahead of all other States in India.
1788 news cases were reported and thus, overall count become 157,410.
7897 people have died.

125,019 people have defeated the disease.

Covid-19 Outbreak in Andhra Pradesh

  • Mumbai is followed by Andhra Pradesh.
  • Number of Corona cases increased from 498,125 to 503,598. 4,487 people died.
  • 401,179 people have recovered from this deadly disease.
  • 97,932 Active Cases of Corona are reported in Andhra Pradesh.

Covid-19 Outbreak in Tamil Nadu

  • One of the top 5 States affected by Corona in India is Tamil Nadu.
  • Cases of Corona are increasing day by day.
  • 5,776 new positive cases were recorded on Monday and thus, overall counting become 462,256.
  • 89 people have died only on Monday, September 7.
  • 7925 people has beaten the disease.
  • 51,215 Active Cases have reported in Tamil Nadu.
  • 80,503 samples have been sent only on Monday, which is a huge number. 5,379,011 overall samples have been sent.

Covid-19 Outbreak in Punjab

  • A new announcement has been made to ease the lockdown in Punjab. There have been 1565 new cases of corona in the last 24 hours.
  • Overall counting become 65,683 in Punjab.
  • The death toll rose to 61 in 24 hours, bringing the total to 1923.
  • 46020 people have recovered.
  • New cases reported in top 5 districts of Punjab:
    Ludhiana – 338, Jalandhar – 210, SAS – 176, Amritsar – 157 and in Patiala – 137 .

Covid-19 Outbreak in Himachal Pradesh

  • In the last 24 hours, 245 new patients of Corona have counted and the total number become 7660.
  • The death toll rose to 55 in 24 hours, bringing the total to 72,775.
  • 5184 people have beaten the Corona disease.
  • New cases reported in top 5 districts of Himachal Pradesh:
    Solan – 1,762, Kangra – 1,142, Sirmour – 1,052, Hamirpur – 660 and Una – 624.

Governmental Decision

The search for vaccination for this disease is still ongoing. UK has authorized the use of Steroid Dexamethasone.

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It is expected that India will join the “COVAX” global vaccination allocation plan.

Government’s new decision: The State Government on Monday reduced the rates of RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests conducted by private laboratories. The charges of test samples from collection sites are now Rs. 1,200 only.

Writing Credits – Aman Uppal