Hypersonic Technology for India & Its Missiles


Hypersonic speed is the one that substantially overpasses the speed of sound. It is starting at the speed of Mach 5 and above.

India on Monday rocketed to an elite club of nations by perfectly testing an indigenously developed hypersonic technology demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV).

Missile man of India

After working for two decades in an Indian space research organization(ISRO) and mastering launch vehicle technologies (MLVT) Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam took up the responsibility of developing indigenous guided missiles at DRDO as the main  Executive of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (GMDP).

Types of Missiles

From the 18th century, rockets had been used by India for the welfare of the country. Mysorean rockets were the first iron cased rockets that were brought into play for military use, reverse engineered by the British, and proposed in Europe as Congreve rocket. After the British Colonisation of India, scientific R &D in Indian dynasties was confined and military science in India far behind.

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Missiles come in different types that are described below:

  • Surface to surface missiles ( ballistic ,cruise,anti-ship,anti-tank )
  • Air to surface missiles ( ballistic, cruise,anti-ship,anti-tank)
  • Surface -to -air-missiles ( anti-ballistic)
  • Air to air missiles and anti-satellite weapons missiles
S.NoNames of Indian missilesType of MissileRange of Missile
1BrahmosThe fastest missile in the world290 Km
2Prithvi 1SRBM (Short-range ballistic missile )150km
3Prithvi 2SRBM (Short-range ballistic missile )250km
4Nirbhaylong-range cruise Missile150km
5Parharcruise missile150km
6Agni 1MRBM ( Medium-range ballistic missile )700-1250km
7Agni 2IRBM ( Intermediate-range ballistic missile2000-3500km
8Agni 3IRBM ( Intermediate-range ballistic missile )3500 -5000km
9Agni 4IRBM (Intermediate-range ballistic missile )4000 – 6000km
10Agni 5ICBM ( Intercontinental range ballistic missile)5000 – 8000km



Indian missiles assist and attacking hand to the country security strategy. Time to time new missile launch by the Indian Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) for use by the Indian Armed forces.

Writing Credits – Silky Setia