Padmaavat Movie Review


Finally after so many controversies, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat hit the theatres on 25th of the month! One day before its release, there was paid preview of the movie which got a great welcome from the audience. As Deepika Padukone said, she is overwhelmed as well as excited as its time to celebrate finally!


The characters of the movie have been played very beautifully by the actors. It seems as if they are real characters of that time. What is worth highlighting here is that actors have totally been into and have stayed into their respective roles very nicely. Its worth praising specially the role of Deepika and Ranveer. Over times and with various movies, these actors have given proof of their excellence amazingly!

Padmaavat Movie characters Daily Bees


I don’t know how they performed wearing such heavy costumes. We can say that the costumes are the main highlight of the movie. The Rajput culture is mesmerizing as well as worth praising. You will feel touched with the movie as a very good performance has been given by every single person!


The mind boggling direction will blow out your mind as it gives you the feel of real story going on! From beginning to end, you will love it! You will never get bored! The light music is there which you must have listened in trailer also. It is really soothing!

Padmaavat Movie poster Daily Bees


The actors have given amazing expressions while delivering dialogues which demand extreme energy. Justice has been done with the script as maintaining power in voice throughout the movie is a difficult task which has been accomplished by fantabulous actors. Giving tough looks suiting the costumes is not easy! Professionalism glitters from the movie as a whole.


The script has been written beautifully showing courageous Rajputs. Amazing dialogues have been added along with various war scenes. Definitely, it has taken a very good team to accomplish the task of converting script into movie! Everything needed to be perfect and team has done their work with full dedication and awesomeness! Real story is known by most of the people. How this story has been shown in the movie is worth watching!


Overall its rating has gone very good and people all over are liking the movie. I will go with 4.5/5.

There are very few movies whose IMDB ratings go high! Padmaavat has achieved that being 7.5/10 which are very good ratings!