Title: Global forgiveness day: History, theme, significance and ways to celebrate it


Due to some matter or estrangement, your relationship with someone reaches on the verge of breaking up, maybe you will be in a position to lose your company forever and in such a situation, a small word sorry can help avoiding losses, this deal is not expensive. Believe me the word is small but it has the unique power to strengthen the relationship, move the relationship forward and give satisfaction to the mind. That is why, it has been said that apologizing is a sign of good understanding.

World Forgiveness Day is celebrated every year on 7th July and this year also this day will be celebrated on 7 July 2021.

So let us know about the importance and some specialities of this day:

Table of contents: 

  1. History of Global Forgiveness Day
  2. World Forgiveness Day Theme
  3. Significance of Forgiveness Day
  4. How is it celebrated?

History of Global Forgiveness Day

The first global forgiveness day was started in 1994.

International forgiveness day celebrated was started by the Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassador.

Firstly this day was celebrated in Vancouver and Canada.

The creator of this day was Robert W who gave the message of forgiving people and celebrating this day every year. In particular, the efforts of California were taken to celebrate it.

World Forgiveness Day Theme

This is such a beautiful day with theme of “Forgive”.

There is no such person in the world who does not make mistakes. Whether it’s me or you, everyone makes mistakes. But we cannot rectify these mistakes by going to the past.

That is why this special day has been made in which you can apologize for your mistake and rectify it.

Significance of Forgiveness Day

We get this day as an opportunity to apologize to the people around us who have hurt because of us.

Making a mistake, forgetting that mistake and making another mistake means that a person makes mistakes all his life, learns from those mistakes and makes mistakes again in ignorance or life’s learning, so it can be said that man is an effigy of mistakes.

Man is surrounded by many feelings in his life – anger, jealousy, love, attachment, trust, competition, etc., but it has to be said that to forgive or to apologize is more than all these feelings.

This day shows us the importance and need of forgiveness.

How is it celebrated ?

Often people say that a person who forgives is great and to forgive is one of the greatest qualities of a man.

If you are thinking of reducing the distance from someone, then today is the perfect day. That’s because today is the day of forgiveness. Know five ways in which you can apologize to someone.

1. Chocolate

Everyone is in their hometown because of the corona virus. In such a situation, if someone is angry with you, then you can send online chocolates. Along with this, you can also send a note in which you can not only apologize but also write a heartfelt talk.

2. Flower

Flowers are enough to make anyone happy. In such a situation, if someone is angry with you, then flowers can make you friends again. If he is away from you then you can send a bouquet of flowers to his address.

3. Favorite Dish

Everyone is fond of food. So, if you’re looking for a different way to apologize, food can help. In such a situation, the question arises that if you do not know how to cook. Well… there are many options online. From where you can make your own food among that person’s favorite dish. By doing this, your angry friend will forgive you immediately.

4. Make Video Status

If that someone is your own then obviously he will have your number too. There are many apps online in which you can choose a great song by putting some pictures of yourself and your friend. Either you put this video on WhatsApp status or send it to your friend. He will be happy seeing this and will forgive you too.

So it’s time to start new beginning of your relationship by apologizing to your beloved ones.

Writing credits – Aman Brar