2DG Anti COVID Drug: All You Need To Know


The COVID is hitting a large number of population in India and they are being hospitalized.

People are fighting so hard to beat the disease.

At this Prevailing Critical period of downfall, A Game Changer Anti COVID therapeutic medicine is launched called 2DG which is proven to give speedy Recovery for sure.

Let’s throw some light on this Ray of Hope.

What is 2DG Drug & Who Developed It?

2DG called as 2-deoxy-D-Glucose, is an innovative Anti COVID oral drug launched by a leading Laboratory INMAS of Defence Research and Developmental Organization (DRDO) in combination with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory.

This Drug is a 2DG molecule, which was earlier used to treat Tumor-Cancerous cells.

Researchers claim that this is Proven to be the first drug in COVID which inhibits the growth of Virus in body.

2-DG Drug by DRDO - Daily Bees

Pic Credit – The Economy Times

How is the First Batch of 2DG Being Circulated?

On 17May, 2021, Rajnath Singh, the Union Defence Minister along with Harsh Vardhan, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare of India released the First Batch of 2DG.

Also According to them, Near about 10,000 doses were distributed in the Hospitals of New Delhi on the same day. Adding to this, Dr. Reddy stated that Second batch of Drug will be released around 27th of May only for AIIMS hospitals, DRDO hospitals.

The Chairman of DRDO announced that Regular mass manufacturing and availability of 2-deoxy-D-Glucose drug will be there shortly from the first week of June and claimed to be distributed in plenty amount everywhere in India.

Dosage of 2DG Drug

  1. This Drug is being available as a powder form in sachets and is to be taken Orally.
  2. COVID patients need to take this drug atleast for a week.

Note: Do not take the Drug without taking advice of Doctors.

Is 2DG Really Effective?

  1. This Drug is granted as an adjunct therapy in emergency needs, means it is for usage along with the primary treatment for COVID patients.
  2. After numerous clinical trials, it is proven to be the new Ray of Hope during this deadly second wave of Corona.
  3. The Main Benefits it showcased are:
  • Reducing the medical Oxygen cylinder demands as may patients who took the drug have shown no Oxygen requirement by the Third day of powder.
  • Its efficacy helps in Speedy Recovery of Hospitalized patients
  • It is a simple drug and seen hitting to Normalize the vital parameters of patient more effectively than other drugs used for COVID treatment.

How does it work on Corona Virus?

This 2DG drug is being advised for moderate to severe patients.

The Drug works like “Cheat the Cheater” phenomenon.

  1. As in our body cells, Virus multiply itself and take a help of our body’s Protein cheatingly.
  2. For the Multiplication to continue, virus cells require Glucose energy molecule.
  3. This drug inside our body works as pseudo glucose molecule and binds with the virus cells and then actually render its doubling.
  4. 2DG drug is uniquely working because as it stops virus to replicate and gets accumulate d in virus infected cells.
  5. Once the Drug dominates over Virus, then body’s antibodies itself conflict with virus in small time.


This Drug is effective than other COVID remedies being used at present and moreover can be taken by age group above 65 years.

But Consume this Drug only if prescribed by doctors.

Writing Credits – Kavya