Dhanteras shopping list: 7 things you must buy on this auspicious day


In our country, we celebrate Dhanteras, an extremely important and auspicious festival. It is the first day of the five-day Diwali celebrations. Because it is lucky to make a purchase or start a new business on this auspicious occasion, this festival is especially auspicious. On the 13th day of the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Kartik, it usually happens in October or November. On Friday, people will celebrate Dhanteras, a day of wealth and extravagance.

The most fortunate Items to purchase on Dhanteras

The term “Dhanteras” Is derived from the two Sanskrit words “Dhan,” which means wealth, and “Teras,” which means the 13th day. On Dhanteras, people all over the country visit markets and make purchases that are believed to bring good luck and wealth to their lives. On this festival, people also purchase unique Dhanteras gifts for their loved ones wishing good luck and prosperity for them. The festivities generally start off with homes being decorated with vibrant rangoli designs, oil lamps, and flowers, creating an atmosphere of celebration, mutual love and festivity. The Dhanteras pooja is also an important aspect of the festivities, where people seek the blessings of the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, and usher prosperity and good fortune to them and their families.

With our specially designed shopping guide, you can discover the essential items you should buy on Dhanteras, whether they are gifts for your loved ones or for the pooja, and make the most out of the festival this year. The following is a list of seven customary items that people typically purchase for Dhanteras. These items are not only auspicious and symbolic of prosperity, but they also make thoughtful and treasured gifts for those you love. Now let’s explore this guide and learn what to get to make festival a real celebration.

To ensure that you have a prosperous year ahead, it is important that you choose the right items this Dhanteras to bring prosperity to your lives.

7 things to buy this Dhanteras for prosperity

As we start getting closer to Dhanteras, the quest for the best things to buy for the festival begins. Here is a guide on what to purchase for the pooja, the traditional items that are  must-buy for Festival.

1.Idols of Gods:

On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, adorn and enhance your pooja room with completely new idols of gods and goddesses. Once you purchase idol figurines made of wood, brass, marble, or silver, you should add them to your pooja room’s collection and do an aarti.

2.Utensils: The ideal time to replenish your utensil shelf. Purchase clay, silver, or copper items and use them to make prasad first. After bringing them inside, you should also fill them with rice, milk, or lentils because empty utensils are unlucky.


Purchasing gold Investing in jewellery is always a wise move because it will last, particularly in hard times. The best times to purchase gold in our nation are during Dhanteras and Diwali.


Buying brooms on Dhanteras is thought to be auspicious, despite the fact that it may sound strange. It is supposed to eradicate poverty and ease all family financial issues.

5.Coins in Gold and Silver:

Given the name “Dhanteras,” it should come as no surprise that on this day, people worship Goddess Lakshmi, who is symbolized by a rupee coin and “dhan,” or wealth. As a result, there is a big demand for gold and silver coins on this particular day.

6.Gomti Chakra:

In case you didn’t know, this unusual seashell is usually found along the banks of the Gomti rivers. It is revered and kept in homes during Diwali celebrations to help ward off evil and bring success to every family member


If you’ve been considering purchasing any electronics, Dhanteras may be the ideal occasion to replace your old machinery. You can take advantage of the Diwali sale during this time and save a significant amount of money.

Wonderful list of gifts to buy for Dhanteras:

Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali celebrations, is a great opportunity to send your loved ones your sincere best wishes for love and happiness. Taking your parents by surprise with your new job? Or looking for a gift for your sibling or cousin. Here are some treasured options you can go for:

• A jewellery item
• Traditional clothing attire
• Any electronic item of necessity
• Dry fruits
• Gourmet chocolates
• Sweets
• Silver coin or Silverware
• Personalized/Customized gift options


Finally, It is very important in our culture because it is the first day of the Diwali celebrations. It is essential that we preserve the customs by using colorful decorations and the pooja. Apart from that, we should also make it a point to buy a few traditional items, like silver or gold utensils, as they are auspicious and represent prosperity. Modern gifts, like cars and electronics, add a contemporary touch and combine innovation and tradition to infuse celebrations with abundance. There is an exquisite collection of gifts on online shopping apps that are perfect for the auspicious occasion. These gifts beautifully blend tradition and modernity, allowing you to embrace the spirit of Dhanteras.