Mother’s Day 2023: Origin| Significance and Celebration of Mother’s Day


 Mother’s Day 2023

Mother, an embodiment of love, compassion, and care plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual. In this whole world, in all civilizations and the evolution of humankind, the mother is considered the most significant person in the social circle rooted in the family. Therefore, to, emphasize the importance of Mother, Mother’s Day is observed around the globe on different days and dates throughout the year. The Second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in most of the countries of the world. This year Mother’s Day is falling on 14th May which will be commemorated to show gratitude towards mothers, or the persons who cared like mothers.

Origin of the day
Mother’s Day observance dates to Ancient Greeks and Roman times when two deities Rhea and Cybele were worshipped as Mother Goddesses. This day was observed to signify the importance of potency and maternity. However, the present-time celebration originated from Mothering Sunday which is solemnized as Mother’s Day by Modern generations.
In UK Mother’s Day relates to the worship of the Mother Church where Christian People gathered to pay their tribute to Christianity. In America, Anna Jarvis run a campaign to find a day for these Angels called mothers when people can bow down by celebrating the sacrifices and affection of mothers. Her mother died in 1905 and she realized the need of this day. She got successful in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson gave his permission by signing the proclamation. Anna Jarvis is considered the initiator of this observance, but the dominance of money orientation evoked her criticism about the celebration of the day afterward. She realized that the originality of her prospect towards the day was lost somewhere in the commercialization of Mother’s Celebrations.
Also, it is a beautiful way to celebrate the presence of blessings like Mothers in our lives who put tireless efforts to bring their kids and help their families to be prosperous and happy ones. From conceiving a baby to rise him/her like the best version of one is an extremely responsible task and mothers do this work without any expectation. Therefore, the mother is considered a reflection of the Almighty in this immortal land of selfishness.
Why Mothers are so Great.

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Becoming a mother is a blessing as well as the hardest task for females assigned by God. The hardships of pregnancy are known to all however, facing that phase of life is very difficult for mothers. They take this responsibility of reproducing happily and caring for the child for the next nine months with great zeal. The struggle of motherhood never ends after delivering a baby, but a new chapter of raising a newborn begins here. Mothers always think about their loved ones more than their self. The custom of developing and making their children’s life happier goes until the last breath. Mothers are those warriors who fight with every opposite situation which can hinder the progress of their little ones. The devotion to caring for their loved ones is beyond words because mothers or mothers-like figures grow up the bond of affection with their selfless love. Mothers are recognized as God in Indian traditions because they never long for any return gift. So, the existence of mothers makes individuals’ life better than one who is deprived of it.

Celebration of Mother’s Day
This day was founded purely to appreciate the love and care of mothers for their young ones. In this modern era, the ways of celebrating this occasion are changed. The best celebration is to spend time with your mother and make her feel special. People also love to greet their mothers by giving them cards, flowers, and chocolates. Children try their best to gift their mothers with beautiful clothes and ornaments. In many countries, young ones plan surprises for their angles and make them meet with their maternal families to enjoy some special cuisines as family meals. Some genius makes their mothers stay free and relaxed on this from their regular duties and responsibilities. Additionally, some children gift their parents some beautiful day outs with delicious food coupons.
Mothers are not always for whom this day is observed as many times there are some other relations who love and care for us like our biological mothers. The children who have lost their mothers remember them on this day and miss them by doing some activities for them. Many children try to foster the dreams of their demised mothers by making themselves successful or as their mummas wanted them to be. Moreover, this day is special for children to celebrate motherhood as being a child of a mother be with her throughout your life is no less than a blessing.

Mother’s Day is also observed in academic institutions by guiding children to do something good for their mothers on this day. Many school competitions and quizzes are organized in schools to celebrate the significance of mothers in the life of kids.
In conclusion, it is the sole way to appreciate the love and care of mothers that they do for their loved ones.

The underlying emotions are always similar for kids for their mothers. Life without a mother’s love is as same as barren land so a mother brings a lot of sparks and colors of love into one’s life. Therefore, may our mothers live long, healthy, and happy life always.