Title: World Food Day 2021: theme, why is it celebrated


“One can’t understand the value of food until one have stayed hungry.”

Food is a basic necessity for every living being who lives on earth and want to survive. The basic need and daily requirement of food develops special importance of food in everyone’s life. From plants, animals to human beings everybody craves for food when hungriness is not controlled by them. Food is an important component which should be utilized according to fulfill basic need and regular routine. Food needs to be saved and also to be equally distributed among the people to avoid hungriness. So, World Food Day is celebrated internationally for awaring the masses about the significance of food in our lives and also about the wastage of food which should be not done at any cost. Let us know more about food consumption, it’s distribution and wastage and the significance of the World Food Day.

Table of contents-

  • What do we mean by World Food Day? Why is it celebrated ?
  • Theme Of World Food Day.
  • How is the World Food Day celebrated?
  • Let us reduce hunger!
  • Conclusion.

What do we mean by World Food Day? Why is it celebrated?

The World Food Day is celebrated as an international day every year on the day of 16th of October. This day is also a commemoration of founding date of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This was founded in 1945. The occasion of World Food Day was established in 1979. This day was suggested by Dr. Pal Romany i.e, former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture And Food. Every year this day is celebrated by more than 150 countries. This World Food Day is world wide celebration has great concern with security of food, hunger in the world etc.

The World Food Day is celebrated to appreciate the incredible food which we enjoy daily and by which our hunger stays calm. This day also tackles the hunger all around the world and makes us aware to utilize the food as much our desire and need to fulfill our daily requirement.

Theme Of World Food Day:-

Every year the celebration of this day comes up with new themes which are related to the food consumption, food protection ,nourishment of food and so on.. Like in year 2019, the theme was ‘Zero Hunger’ and in year 2020, the theme of World Food Day was “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together, Our actions are our future”. In year, 2021, the World Food Day, in Brussels is going to be celebrated in with the specific theme which is-

“Our actions are our future Better production, better nutrition , a better environment and a better life”.

How is the World Food Day celebrated:-

In order to celebrate this commemorative day, there are various awareness programmes and events took place which seems as worth efforts. Instead we can do so much for reducing the hungriness from society and about awaring the people about food protection, need of food and the hunger which has been created due to lack of equal distribution of food. There are various ways which would be a great step towards ending hunger from society. One can celebrate this day by giving food to the ones who don’t even receive two time food in a day. There are various organizations who celebrate this day by distributing monthly ration, distributing cooked food for fulfilling the one time need of food of a hungry or poor one. If we will step up and serve the food to needy ones, then only we can inspire people to do the same. And this will actually lead to end hunger from world when everyone will be having daily food for consumption.

Let us reduce hunger:-

A Food Bank is typically a non-profitable and a charitable organization which distributes food to the need ones who don’t get even one time food daily and even have very less expenses. Collecting food in food banks is the best way to reduce hunger from worldwide. There are various food banks where food is collected: hence given to the poor and hungry people which is , no doubt an incredible way to serve humanity to the needy. These organizations includes Bangalore Food Bank, No Food Waste Bank, India Food Banking Network, Dera Sacha Sauda organization etc..


This World Food Day is a great awareness day which comes in celebration every year just to let everyone save food and value it. So, Let us all join our hands to value food and give it to the one who need it the most, instead of stocking and wasting it.

Writing credit- Ruchika