Baba Ram Rahim in Headlines again – Reaches more than 1M subscribers on YouTube


India’s well known and famous personality, Baba Ram Rahim is in the headlines again!

Reason being, that well-known the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Baba Ram Rahim, has crossed the milestone of 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, Saint Dr MSG, earning him eligibility for the coveted golden play button.

This news is creating a great buzz and passion amongst the public.
The last couple of days have witnessed a whole lot of cheerfulness, positivity and enthusiasm amongst the mob.
While some are celebrating their joy with singing and dancing, others are found keeping their spirits high with noble deeds like going out helping the poor, planting trees and much more.
‘It is a great honor to see the Man working for a noble cause and for mankind, getting recognition throughout the world on world widely accepted platforms’, says a faithful follower.

What brought the channel to these heights?
Baba Ram Rahim Ji is a famous philanthropist and an enthusiastic social activist. He preaches spiritual knowledge to masses. According to the latest records, the Dera observes a follower mark of 7 crores i.e. 70 millions in person.

The Saint has initiated numerous charitable endeavors for humankind’s well being and societal welfare.
Recent occurrences have amply demonstrated Baba’s propensity to spend most of His time with disciples and for the sole benefit of humanity and society. As of recent times, the tally of welfare works begun by Baba Ram Rahim was 157.

Apart from this, His holiness has set a beautiful example in the society for being a human first. Baba Ram Ram has Himself worked hard for the benefit of different classes of people like the elderly, orphans, destitute patients, widows, specially abled ones and so more. His holiness has also been an example of such a healthy and physically fit human body whilst being totally a vegetarian.

How using social media as a tool to teach humanity got Baba Ram Rahim to be known world wide.
Modern problems undoubtedly require modern solutions. Baba Ram Rahim found social media a solution to the modern problems like increasing corruption, drug abuse, natural causes like deforestation and many more. He taught the solutions to these problems through different platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, thus helping the solutions reach everyone in need of them. The numerous welfare works started were also popularized amongst masses via these routes.

The scope of the videos published on these platforms have had a very wide scope. Surfing through different channels made very well evident that the messages are already reaching millions. And the mob finds a breath of freshness in those videos. The positive influence of the videos can be seen from the people around the world helping the needy, planting trees on various occasions, donating eyes and bodies after death, working enthusiastically to save the environment etc. Thus it seems like no strata of the society is spared from the constructive impact of Baba Ram Rahim’s pragmatic social media approach.

What are these welfare works that bring Dera Sacha Sauda to light?
The welfare works that Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has initiated are now beautifully run by Dera Sacha Sauda devotees.
Some of them are very unique and very inspiring, such as

*The project FASTER: the Saint has guided every devotee to keep a first aid kit in their vehicles owing to such an increase in road traffic accidents.

*Devotees are so enthusiastic towards humanity that thousands of them have already married the specially abled ones and thousands have pledged to do so. Apparently such wonderful has been the inspiration of Babaji.

* Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim initiated mega cleanliness campaigns covering the whole state. The devotees cleaned the state of Haryana in mere 6 hours and the state of Rajasthan in mere 8.5 hours.

* The DEPTH campaign- for helping the drug addicts to give up the deadly abuse.

* Digital fasting was also initiated for 2 hours a day so that family members would spend more time with each other.

These are just a few glimpses of the so many incredible deeds that the Dera Sacha Sauda have been following the guidance of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji

So in a nutshell, The Success behind this great achievement can be attributed to both the teachings of Baba Ram Rahim as well as the faithful volunteers.
“It is terribly unfortunate that so few people move on the path of a moral direction. The world is lucky enough to have such a leader who works like a lotus flower in the puddle of this world.”

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