When October arrives, there is a sense of celebration in the air. A series of festivals appear on the calendar one after another. Navratri marks the beginning of the festive season., followed by Dussehra or Vijayadashmi, Diwali, and Bhai Dooj.

One of the most well-known Hindu festivals is Vijayadashami, or Dussehra, which is celebrated with much excitement and fervor. The Navratri fast’s nine days come to a conclusion on this day. Dussehra is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Dashmi in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu lunar calendar. The celebration symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

Dussehra is going to be celebrated on Monday, October 23, 2023.

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Festival of triumph of good over evilWHY TO CELEBRATE DUSSHERA?

The Dussehra celebration symbolizes the victory of good and love over evil and hatred. This straightforward principle resonates globally, fostering humanity and nurturing faith.

In the mythical tale, the antagonist Ravana abducted Goddess Sita, confining her to his palace. This led to a separation from her husband, Lord Rama.

Embarking on a perilous journey, Lord Rama, aided by Hanuman and Lakshman, crossed the Indian Ocean to reach Ravana’s palace in Lanka. Along the way, with Hanuman’s monkey army, intense battles unfolded.

Eventually, after fierce conflicts, Lord Rama successfully rescued his beloved Sita from the clutches of Ravana. Dussehra commemorates this significant event.


During the Dussehra festival, there is an upsurge of energy and vibrancy in the streets of India. Even though it is one of the most celebrated Hindu holidays, people of all other faiths join in the celebration of good triumphing over evil. On this day, gatherings of family and the community take place.

The Hindu festival of Dussehra is observed on the tenth day of the month of Dashmi. And the atmosphere of celebration permeates each and every day. Carnivals and fairs are held all over the nation during these ten days, and both children and adults enjoy them. Here are a few ways Indians celebrate Dussehra:

Processions: During Dussehra celebrations throughout India, huge processions are used to carry the idols of the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Lord Ganesh, and Kartik to a river where they are submerged. Following these processions, there is dancing, singing, and celebration.

Ram Leela: People across the nation perform the Ramayana at Ram Leela. These are the kinds of musicals where adults and children alike dress up as various Ramayana characters and act out the scenarios. The drama lasts nine days and ends with Ravana being slain on the day of Dussehra.

Ravan Dahan: In several parts of India, enormous models are burned on the day of the Dussehra festival. These models depict Kumbhkarana, Meghnad, and the devil Ravana, who is said to have ten heads. The models are constructed from bamboo, paper, cloth, and other materials and are filled with crackers. The image of Ravan and his brothers being consumed by flames symbolizes the purging of evil from society and people’s hearts.

Dussehra Delicacies:

People also break crackers and host feasts with their family and friends. Many locations in India make/consume sweets such as jalebi, samosas, basundi, sevaiyan, etc. on Dussehra. Additionally, numerous locations have colorful fairs and exhibitions are also organized.


The festival’s significance transcends Hinduism, as it promotes universal values of living harmoniously in peace, love, community, bravery, and purity. These values are vividly depicted in the Ramayana. The festival of Dussehra celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Truth and righteousness always triumph, no matter what dark forces try to drive you.


The festival will be more fruitful if we can help someone in need. With the other celebrations, we can also plan a visit to the slum or backward area and distribute the sweets, fruits, winter clothes, etc to such needy people. This will bring smile on such innocent and beautiful faces and the pleasure is long-lasting. This deed of humanity will bring immense pleasure and positivity to our lives.


When we make an effort to eradicate the evil both within and around us, Dussehra will remain prosperous. Burn the Ravana of false ego, negativity, and greed on this Dussehra. Remove hatred and resentment, and live a righteous, honest life. To promote happiness and joy, share the purity of true love, goodness, and unity. This will make the Dussehra celebration more meaningful and memorable.