International Day of Yoga Special: Inculcate The Habit of Practicing Yoga


Yoga is a Blissful Gift to humans, developing a physical, mental, spiritual wellness.

A complete harmony between body, mind and nature is purely maintained by practicing YOGA.

With the busy schedules of peeps in this Era, YOGA can help perfectly to maintain health physically and mentally.

Let’s discuss how this system of exercises and deep breathing which is valuable from ancient times is maintained and being carried forward in this Era.

The Holy Book ‘Bhagavad Gita’ says:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

About International Day of Yoga

International Yoga Day is commemorated worldwide every year very enthusiastically.
On 27 September, 2014, the day was advised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech to be celebrated as a ‘Yoga Day’ on 21 June.

Then, first International YOGA Day was remarked globally on 21June, 2015. PM Modi, other notable persons and thousands of people performed 21 Yoga Asanas for 35 minutes in New Delhi. This was the Largest Yoga class ever held.

Thus Annually, the Day includes different Themes and Yoga related events, competitions organized in different parts of the world

Purpose of the day

  1. It aims to explore benefits of yoga worldwide and spreading awareness to bring it in practice and adding up in one’s life schedule.
  2. The Resolution is made to guide people to adopt healthier lifestyle and physical activity.
  3. Educating people about not only Health well being but also Spiritual Satisfaction by opting Yoga in life.
  4. It is to connect people with Nature and spread peace.
  5. To realize an individual about the importance of Meditation through Yoga.
  6. To achieve physical and mental health challenges by practicing Yoga.

How is the Day Celebrated?

  1. Since 2015, the Day is observed to include many Yoga related events and activities globally with the Different themes declared every Year.
  2. Yoga professionals organize Lectures, Workshops 2 months before June, 21.
  3. Arrangements are made for Competitions and tasks organized related to Yoga Themes with the aim to create Passion among every age group.
  4. Organizations mark the guidelines and distribute Yoga mats, caps, Yoga attire having the logo of Yoga Day to Volunteers.
  5. Live Screening of main event is done while performing various Asanas and Omkar Chanting with mass gatherings every year.
  6. Awareness Congregations for explaining values of Yoga and Grand Yoga classes are held in many Universities, Schools, NGO’s etc.
  7. Main Focus on Group Training Programmes based on Common Yoga Protocol for one hour per day

Themes of Yoga Day in Past Years

  1. Yoga for Harmony and Peace -Theme in 2015
  2. Yoga to Connect the Youth- Theme in 2016
  3. Yoga for Health – Theme in 2017
  4. Yoga for Peace- Theme in 2018
  5. Yoga for Heart- Theme in 2019
  6. Yoga at Home, Yoga with family-Theme in 2020

Theme OF International Yoga Day 2021

‘Yoga for Well Being’ is the Theme for World Yoga Day 2021.

Facing this COVID 19 Pandemic since 2019, celebration of Yoga Day 2020 and 2021 was commenced to be at home, indoors with family.

  1. Theme focuses on providing Holistic Health and Yoga working as a stress reliever in this battle of COVID
  2. Virtual Events will be organized on this 7th annual World Yoga Day, as it is difficult to take part in group activities collectively.

What is Common Yoga Protocol?

CYP is the soul of International Day of Yoga Creating a Harmonious behaviour among people attending Yoga Day.

  1. The Booklet “Common Yoga Protocol” is designed for International Day of Yoga formulated by Yoga Experts, Gurus and Heads of Yoga Institutions of India
  2. Protocol is prepared to Create Awareness among masses and spread the knowledge of Practicing Yoga.
  3. The Booklet intends to give description of Yoga Asanas for good Health and is widely beneficial irrespective of Age, Gender, Religious background, etc.
  4. Ministry of AYUSH composes the Yoga volunteers training Programme on Common Yoga Protocol every year.
  5. The training sessions comprises of Four Levels with overall consuming 24 days and 36 Hours in total :-
    i.) YOGA Appreciation Programme for 45 minutes daily. Done for 4 days
    ii.) CYP Introduction Programme for 12 days
    iii.) Yoga Sadhana for 6 Days
    iv.) Self Assessment and practice for 2 days

Physical And Mental benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga for Physical Health

  • Many Severe Health Disorders as Cardiovascular, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes, hypertension etc are seen controlled by Regular practice of Yoga.
  • Yoga is helpful in PCOD, PCOS, Menopause
  • Obesity of every age can be cured doing Yoga
  • There is increase in flexibility, muscle strength and blood flow in body
  • Improves athletic performance of Sport Persons.
  • Yoga Asana is not just an exercise but also helps to build spiritual connection and cures most of the health issues.

2. Yoga for Mental and Psychological Health:

  • Stress and Depression are the main leading causes for Mental health disturbance.
    Yoga with Meditation is the one developing positive attitude in one’s life.
  • Yoga enhances Self-confidence, Self Acceptance
  • It sharpens concentration and relaxes our mind
  • When we breathe while performing Asanas, the oxygen reaches till brain and improves brain Activity
  • One feels rejuvenated after Yoga

Significance of International day of Yoga

  1. This Platform initiated by the government creates interest among those who ignore to practice and enjoy Yoga in everyday life.
  2. The day paves the way to information for best Yoga resources, sessions and competitions.
  3. Common Yoga Protocol and Yoga events are the best gateways for adding public more and more in this approach
  4. The Day celebrated Globally helps the country to develop Global strength and peace.
  5. Connecting the masses with Nature and with oneself is a Noble work being done by this initiative
  6. ‘My Life, My Yoga’ the blogging Contest with Amazing Prizes organized by Government encourages People to be the part and in result, they Learn the Importance of Yoga .

How can Yoga help us in Pandemic?

Pandemic is teaching us the necessity of Immunity and Mental well being. This Strenous time is leaving not only physical but also psychological impacts on people, it has been mandatory for everyone to opt Yoga.

  1. Yoga with Pranayama and Meditation is witnessed to help COVID Patients in Quarantine to fight for their lives.
  2. Yoga is bringing Mental peace and is best as an Immunity booster reducing the impact of COVID on mass population
  3. COVID related respiratory problems can be assuredly fought back by doing Pranayam with Meditation
  4. Public having Mental stress and depression due to feeling of being Caged in their houses and blank sources of earning money needs to think positive by adopting Yoga and Pranayam in their lifestyle
  5. Also, laziness at homes leads to Obesity and physical unhealthiness which can be overcomed doing Yoga.


Adopt Yoga for healthy living. Medicinal Drugs can cause side effects, but Yoga asanas are blissful and valuable tonic for humans. Yoga is helping every age group to do wonders. World Yoga Day is to be celebrated interestingly because participating in this encourages our innerself to practice Yoga in daily life.

Maintaining our thoughts and actions, maintainance between Man and Nature can be achieved by this Day.

Writing Credits – Kavya Arora