World Population Day 2021: Theme, significance, reason behind the day


World population day

Every year, 11th of July is celebrated as World population day all over the world to apprise people towards the booming global population and to aware people about the importance of gender equality, family planning and other population issues. There is a national holiday on this day. World Population Day serves to highlight the growing problems that come with a growing global population.

Table of contents:

  • Theme and Aim of the World Population day
  • History behind celebrating Population Day
  • What is the world population till 2021?
  • How can we celebrate world population day?
  • Reasons why World Population day is important?
  • Conclusion

Theme and Aim of the World Population day

This year, theme of the World Population day is Rights and choices are the answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritizing the reproductive health and rights of all people. It is revealed from the research that In lockdown, gender based violence, risk of child marriage had increased. So, The main aim behind having a World Population Day is to focusing attention of masses on consequence of population issues and how it affects overall development of any nation and programs as well.

History behind celebrating Population Day

World population day, which is observed at 11th July was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1987. After that, In December, 1990, the United Nations General Assembly, in a meeting, decided to enhance the people’s knowledge about population growth.

Firstly, Dr. K.C.Zachariah suggested about world population day when the world’s population was 5 billion. Then the first World population day was marked on 11 July, 1990, which was celebrated in more than 90 countries.

What is the world population till 2021?

As we mentioned above, when the world population day was started, at that time, the world population was 5 billion in 1990. Now it’s 31st world population day. Let’s overview the timeline of population in past year’s…
1804 – 1billion
1927 – 2 billion
1960 – 3 billion
1989 – 5 billion
The year when UN recognizes world population day on 11th of July.
2000 – 6 billion
2017 – 7.5 billion

How can we celebrate world population day?

As the second wave of covid-19 is here, so adopt such ways by which you can contribute yourself staying at home. Some ways to control population mentioned below :
Start from home – first of all, you all should care of that your own family planning is properly taken off. If you adopt that way by yourself firstly, then able to convince anybody.

  • Explore internet – To get more information about family planning, one can get help from internet. Consult from online consultants and make your family planning appropriately.
  • Take help from social media – Another way to spread knowledge about population growth is to spread your word on social media. As we all know that In today’s world, social media impacts the most. People influence from the social platforms, So it’s a technological as well as safest way to spread awareness worldwide discussing about population growth.
  • Support organisation focused on Population growth – There are so many governmental and non-profits organization that educate couples to adverse effect of non-planning fertility. One can take help from these organisation and they also want your support for being that a better place to live in.
  • By adopting these ways, one can make their family planning equitable and also consult other’s to do right.

Reasons why World Population day is important?

Overcrowded population is becoming an threat for our country’s sources. Awareness about the effects of overpopulation on development and nature is emphasized. It becomes very important to aware people about the importance of family planning. There are some valid reasons that why we need to plan our family as well as why we celebrate world population day…

The greatest threat of over growing population is quick depletion of our natural resources, scarcity of food and living land. Food problem also occurs because of over-crowding. Overall, It means to say that the world is going towards loss.

The only way to break this over population is to aware people about the importance of World population day.

Being a responsible citizen, It’s our prime responsibility as well as duty to take care of our nation and world also. Let’s join hands together and save world from the upcoming hazard.

Writing Credits – Sukhdeep Kaur