To Kill A Mocking Bird Book Review

To Kill A Mocking Bird Book Review by Daily Bees: To kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee is a compassionate, dramatic, deeply moving, and a sensational classic which takes readers to the roots of human behaviour – to innocence and experience, cruelty and kindness, love hatred and love, pathos and humour.
Now this book is such a favourite among people probably because of Harper Lee writing style, the plot she has chosen, and how she has enlighten the entire story so beautifully that once you start reading it., It becomes really hard to put it down and this is such a novel that you gonna carry with you forever, so even before I start telling you about how the book is, I think you should buy it and read it. So, you can understand I’m totally positive about this book.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Book Review & Story

The book is a story which is centred around racism and loss of innocence. This book is about six-year-old girl name scout, her brother Jeremy and also a neighbour who comes every summer and go on several adventures. And their adventures are really limited to one man and that’s boo Bradley. boo Radley is the neighbour who has several allegations against him and they have not really seen boo Radley ever but they make an image of boo Radley in their mind about how scary he might be, about how scary things he might do, how scary he looks etc, etc.
There are several proves that the novel parallels the life of Harper Lee herself. And that something I like to know when I’m reading the book that it has some autobiographical elements that make the read more enjoyable then it is. Scout and Jeremy father Atticus Finch is a lawyer and he is probably portraying the role of a perfect man.
Now the problem arises when a black man is accused of raping a white women and Atticus Finch is appointed to fight in favour of the black men and obviously, in America it arouses a lot of problems that concern the tom Robbinson the black men who were accused & it’s absolutely heartbreaking how he was punished for something he hadn’t done. And That’s the point in the story which moves you so much because you suddenly realize that justice was just a word.
Even though Finch doesn’t hesitate to take up the case, he is met with dire disapproval from his small neighbourhood and even his extended family. Finch’s family is gradually get isolated from the rest of society. However, Finch doesn’t back off from the trial. He firmly believes that justice will be done, no matter who stands at either side of the case. He does his best efforts to make the children understand the same.
One can say that this novel is also the journey of two children from the innocence of their childhood, towards their realization of injustice and inequality that is prevailing in the society. However, they are not alone in the journey. Atticus Finch – their loving and gentleman father is showing them the difference between right and wrong. He wants his children to understand that one needs to fight for justice, even if the entire world is against them. He shows them that there are many good aspects to this world and one needs to focus on them without losing hope. They also meet many other characters who prove that the world hasn’t lost all the goodness.
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Overall Every part of this book is good, but personally, I like the last part when boo Radley comes out and that’s the most lovely part. So I wouldn’t tell you more about it because it acts as a spoiler. It’s the favourite book of so many people for a very good reason that Harper Lee was such a magician. The book which portrayed how parents can be influential on kids, their actions, their words. It was Atticus actions and words, which made the kids brave and reconsider their actions. This book was first published in 1960 and it has been reprinted again many times in different languages. Hope you understand how beautiful this book was. My final recommendation is that everyone should read this novel to get to know Finch. It is doubtful that we would meet someone so just and courageous in real life.