World Environment Day 2021: Theme, purpose, how to celebrate this day


Environment plays a crucial role in the survival of every living being. It is usually said that the healthier the environment is, healthier would be its species. Restoration of an ecosystem is essential because it would aid to combat climatic changes, and resolve issues of global warming. But the ecosystem of the Earth is suffering a lot due to the rise of human activities such as deforestation, pollution, illegal wildlife trade, wildfires, floods, global warming, and many more activities. Also, due to this, climatic changes occurs which are further affecting every living creature present on the earth. Since 1974, United Nations (UN) aware people about the importance of the environment, by celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June annually all across the globe. The article highlights the theme, purpose, and distinct ways to restore the ecosystem.


  • Which country will host the event, and what is the theme of World Environment Day
  • What is the need, and purpose of Environment Day?
  • How the current scenario affected the ecosystem of Earth?
  • What are distinct ways for Ecosystem Restoration?
  • How one can truly celebrate Environment Day?

Which country will host the event, and what is the theme of World Environment Day ?

The World Environment Day is an annual event that is observed on the 5th of June globally by the United Nations to bring issues to light, and aware people of the ecosystem.

  • It was first time celebrated in 1974 with the theme of “Only One Earth”. Since 1974 every year, UN brings awareness by organising different themes and over 143 countries participate in this event annually. Also, it is hosted by distinct nations around the globe.
  • The theme for the year 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration”, and would be hosted by Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan will commence the conference in Islamabad.

What is the need, and purpose of Environment Day?

Earth is the only known planet with all the basic necessities of living. The life on earth is possible due to its environment, for instance, trees is an integral part of every living being as it provides the necessary oxygen for survival. Moreover, the living creature’s diversity is interconnected to each other. According to several Environmentalists, it has been pondered that if bees are extinct, the human would only live for four years. If there would be no bees, then no pollination, because they are responsible for the pollination. Thus, there will be no more plants, animals, and this loss of bees affects human food. Therefore, it is need of time to protect nature for survival. Being human it is the responsibility of every individual to restore the ecosystem.

The main purpose of World Environment Day is to spread awareness and encourage people across the globe to shield the environment. The UN aware people by conducting themes, and reminds individuals that nature ought not to be underestimated, and also recognize all that the climate has given us. Also, people take the pledge to conserve environment.

On World Environment day, Gopal Rai, Delhi’s environment minister will plant nearly 33 lakh trees, and shrubs to protect mother earth.

How the current scenario affected the ecosystem of Earth?

It’s the frightening time of pandemic corona. It had not only affected routine life, but also human lives. It was found through the studies of the year 2020 that during the days of the pandemic when nations were under lockdown the air quality was improved because of less emission of carbon. Some people believe in the healing of nature earth. But it is affecting marine because waste from the medical area such as masks, gloves discharge into water bodies which causes harm to marine species.

Apart from this, the use of sanitizers increases the level of triclosan in the water bodies and affect animals.

What are distinct ways for Ecosystem Restoration?

The several ways for restoration of the ecosystem are:

Afforestation – Planting trees will maintain survival on earth. It is a need of time to plant trees as they give us oxygen to survive.

Use cloth & jute bag instead of polythenes. Because when polythene burns, it causes air pollution, and cause water pollution when disposed in water.

Save water– Each drop of water is precious. By making some changes, one can save the environment like use of bucket instead of the shower.

Save Energy– Using solar panels can save energy. Turn off lights, fans when not in use.

Avoid the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides.

Organic farming– Fertilizers cause harm to soil and are responsible for soil erosion. Organic farming performed without fertilizers and promotes not only crop yield but also quality. Also, the use of vermicomposting is beneficial for the soil.

How one can truly celebrate Environment Day?

Here the question arises that how to celebrate this event truly

  • The best way to celebrate the occasion is by participating in environmental deeds, and also aware people surrounding you to join the noble deed for ecosystem restoration. For example, one can plant a tree, and aware others to plant a tree. Thus, protect the environment.
  • Make cloth bag by using old jean & any cloth with the help of the stitching machine to carry out necessities. Also, one can gift the cloth bag to others.
  • By feeding birds and animals – By keeping pot of water, and some feed on rooftops and near houses one can quench the thirst and hunger of birds and animals.

It is the need of time to protect mother earth by restoration of the ecosystem. It will not only be helpful for the human, but also nature. Additionally, there are some organisations such as Greenpeace, Dera Sacha Sauda that take initiatives to protect the environment. So, being a responsible human, one should take part in environment conservation, and can aware other people too.

Writing Credits – Aakriti Bamnia