Promise day 2022: Fulfill your promises and add magic to your life



It’s only 3 days to Valentine’s Day and Promise Day is celebrated every year on 11th February. This day stands out to be the important day of Valentine’s Week. Promise Day comes with a lot of emotions together. People make promises for forever and convince each other to stay loyal for their relationships. Promise Day also gives chance to ask for forgiveness whatever mistakes people made in past and making them right in the future.


Promise Day celebration is a part of western culture, but its exact history is still unknown. People of different age groups celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and they exchange gifts, flowers too. This day has become a strong bridge of trust between two people for their healthy relationships. Promises you made show that how much dedicatedly and emotionally you invested in your relationship.

This 11th Feb, make the promise of compassion and respect that no one will be able to break. If you made some promises then, you won’t feel even a bit of efforts while making them true for your loved ones. May be these words of trust spelt by you today, can add magic in your life, if got fulfilled. Celebrate this festival of bond in a very unique manner. Forget your past misunderstandings and give fresh starting to your healthy relationship with renewed vigour.

PROMISE…not only word!

Promises are not only the words but the integral part of beautiful relationships. It builds trust and fondness between people. ‘Promise’ is just simply a word but brings itself a lot of things like loyalty, true faith, trust, etc. So pledge yourself never to break someone’s promise in future.

Everyone has liberty of thoughts. On this day make every possible wrong into right in your life. Be true to the words which you promise to your dear ones. Never make such promises that are just limited upto words, not in real actions. It will be much hurting for your loved ones. Treat your dear ones with love, respect and extra care on this day and entire life too.

Express your feelings to each other and promise to stay together in good and bad phases of life forever. This day gives chance to couples to enjoy their love, make strong trust on each other and be a constant supporter throughout life like a guiding lamp. Add colors of happiness and joy in your and others life by making your words true.


Each and every relationship stands on trust and that trust is made by positive promises, and turning them into actions. So, on this special day, make your partner or loved ones so valued which will definitely strengthen your bonding. It’s a very beautiful opportunity to recreate, redefine and rebuild your true bond of love. HAPPY PROMISE DAY!

Writing credits – Jyoti Gautam