CBSE Board Exams Started with Anxiety and Strictness


But Defiance of One Rule is Also Reported. Read More.

As we know Feb and March is an extremely crucial month for lakhs of students as they appear for the Class X and Class XII board examinations. Exams of many are already started and a lot of students’ exams will start in the days to come. This is not a big deal but  this time the most shocking news has been reported regarding exams.

The news of breaking the important rule listed by CBSE, the names of 5 schools have come to light, who have opened the seal of the question paper prematurely.

However, the matter was revealed through the app. After the Board’s objection, the Directorate of Education issued notice to the schools.

CBSE started the examination of vocational and other subjects from February 15. This year, each board examinations are under the vigilance of the board through technology.

Board Chairperson Anita Karwal has written a letter to the Directorate of Education and has told the guidelines for the examination given by CBSE. According to the official instructions of CBSE, no question paper should be opened before 9:45 AM. However, before the scheduled time the question papers of five schools were found open and the CBSE also sent the evidence to the Directorate.

CBSE has also stated in the letter that three of the five schools have played a critical role in security of the examination and confidentiality. This year, CBSE has also given the several guidelines to the students and their parents. In addition, the Board has introduced some new changes and rules for exam patterns and others.

If you are also going to attend CBSE Class 10th Board Examination, then you should know the new rules and security features implemented by CBSE this year. Student  is mandatory to take an Admit Card. No student will be allowed to attend the exam without the card. Board candidates should also note that this year the Board has also asked for the signature of the guardian in the Admit Card.

Therefore, a parent should ensure that they sign the admit card properly, otherwise, their ward will not be allowed to appear for the examination.

Candidates can enter the examination center by 10:00 in the morning. Because after the last reporting time, no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination center. Therefore, make sure you reach the center until 9:45 in the morning.

Also, a question paper will be distributed to students at 10:10 a.m. In order to ensure safety measures, the students have been called to break the seal envelope of question papers.

However, students will be allowed for questions to be answered from 10:30 am.

At last i just want to say, guys, the best way to tackle all issues and anxieties related to these exams is to treat the board exams as a challenge and not as a burden. And all school authorities  instead of doing these types of illegal works should do hard work on their students, to make them achieve their best. Use this stressful frame of mind as your power and give your best.

Managing Time for preparation and while attempting the exam is most important for students appearing for any kind of Exam.

Writing Credits: Surbhi Singh