Ramadan Special: 15 Day Healthy Diet For The Remaining Days Of Ramadan

The most special day in our life is when all of our sacrifices payback with the fragrance of God’s Love. The first thought that comes to my mind is of Ramadan, a holy month of Muslims. I’ve heard that “ the path to God’s Love gives divine pleasure every moment we move forward”. Ramadan is a Muslim festival is celebrated by Muslims but people throughout India have faith in it. This year Ramadan has begun on the 7th of May. People have been fasting for the last 15 days between the first and last prayer of the day and have a meal before the sunrise and after sunset. The morning meal is Suhri and the evening one is Iftar. In between a Ramadani don’t even have a sip of water. It seems tough to us but a person who wants God’s Blessings never step back if he has decided. The fast is opened with dates, water and Roohafza.

ramadan festival fast daily bees

If you have been eating your favourite and delicious food from the start Let me tell you something, you still have time that can help you turn healthy throughout the day. As it’s decided to have only two meals throughout the day then it will be great if we can make it healthier. Being summer it becomes tough to stay without water so the most important thing we need is that our body remains hydrated, it will automatically help you become fitter, lose more weight and gain more energy. To make it happen is really make sure what you have in Suhri and Iftar must be filling, full of fibre, proteins and complex carbs. So let’s see what can we have.
To remain Hydrated what we want is Fruits and Veggies which is a light meal and proves best for fasting in addition to this they provide nutrients in perfect proportion to fulfil the basic function easily. For the entire day, you must be filled with fibre so that you don’t feel hunger it is also beneficial in that case.
To remain energetic one needs proper carbohydrates while on fasting we require more than regular. To fulfil this extra needs breads proves best. Carbs are also to be added this reduces chances of low energy or blood pressure and fatigue.
ramadan festival daily beesTo gain Protein in more quantity. Protein-rich food helps in reducing weight. On fasting, our body requires more energy to fulfil it’s basic functions, as we are lacking carbs the body takes stored fats for working. Fats in muscles get reduced due to this. To ensure health we must intake protein-rich foods such as dairy products.
For Complex Carbohydrates foods like brown rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal are great. During fasting, weakness is usually noticed it leads to fatigue. Well, in that case, Carbohydrates keeps you filled and stronger even in the tough hot weather.

In the above-mentioned diet, suggestions make sure you don’t switch to overeating. Take meal as and when it’s allowed but after a certain time lapse. If the diet is taken in this manner, it will be beneficial and will give good results.

A healthy diet these days can make you stress-free so that one can easily focus on actual Aim of God’s Prayer. When your body and mind are fit you can happily experience the inner happiness. Fasting for the entire day is a difficult task but “When your body glitter fades then, your inner glow begins to sparkle your soul.”