World Daughter’s Day 2020; Your Daughters Can Shine in This World!


Daughters are precious gifts of God to parents, luckiest are those who have a daughter in their family. Without the daughter, the family would not complete. Daughters bring happiness and joys in their families.

Every year, this Daughter’s day is celebrated on fourth Sunday of September month. This year, the date has arrived on the 27th of September for some countries but world daughter’s day is being celebrated today. Daughter’s day is celebrated every year to end the bias between daughters and sons. And it is celebrated to show our gratitude towards daughters, and we let them know that they are equally important for their families.

Parents can celebrate this day by giving gifts to their daughters, and due to pandemic, it’s better to celebrate this day at home only, like by making food of her choices & spend some quality time with your daughters to make them feel special. Daughters also have the calibre to touch the heights, all they need is support from their families. In nowadays, It is seen that daughters are rocking in every field at this world.

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Importance of Daughter’s Day

Earlier, in India, girls were seen as a burden on their parents, and giving birth to daughters is like a curse on society. But time got changed & daughter’s day is celebrated to realize their importance in their family & society. This day is celebrated to end up the inequality between boys & girls. And parents should give love & moral values to their daughters for their Upliftment.

And in countries where people don’t discriminate between girls and boys, they celebrate this day by giving gifts & greetings to them and arrange a small party to make them feel special. Also parents, grandparents, relatives, friends together celebrate this day to realize their importance in their life.

Daughters Can Create History

It’s not the only statement but you can see around you, if these flowers of your tree, Bloom properly, then it will spread it’s fragrance everywhere. What parents have to do is to support their daughter to bring changes in this male-dominated society. There are some ways to uplift your daughter in this world;

Right of Education

Parents can bring changes in their daughters’ lives, by giving them the right to get an education. If your daughters become educated then they will bring immersive changes in society.  And as a result of this, daughters are showing their talents in every aspect of their lives. You can check the recent examination results for 10th & 12th class have been declared, and in most of the results, girls are on top. If you will educate your daughter then she can educate two families, Parents family & also educate them where she will go after marriage. You can see girls in every field like in the corporate world, education sector, and also at government sectors, they are now managing top brands around the world.

Moral Values

Moral values are extremely important & if right moral values are given, the daughters cannot only shine your name but also of your generation. These moral values always show you the righteous path in your life to achieve success in every field.

Give Birth to Your Daughter

According to Indian mentality, people think that only their son can run the lineage, but these days it’s not so true, if you will bring up your daughters with good education & moral values, then she can also run lineages of their parents if she is a single child to them. She can get marry & bring His groom at her home.

So, parents should stop killing daughters in the womb, because girls are also the gift of God, they deserve to take birth. If a daughter will take birth in any family, she brings happiness & joys in that family.

Right To Work Outside

Daughters can do wonders if parents will support her. Parents have to trust their daughters to & treat her like their friend, so, she can trust them & discuss everything with them freely.

Make your daughters independent so that they can become examples like others. In these days, women are running big brands, Managing corporates, working in education departments and insportsfields in the science & technology sector, and uplifting the country by ruling some political parties.

So, nowadays they are not lacking in anything, even it’s true that they are the good caretaker of their parents at every stage of life. That is the daughter Only who may live at any corner of the world, but her heart always beats in remembrance of their parents.

Daughters Who Made The Nation Proud

In this modern era, women are equally working with men in every field, and in many fields, they have made our nation proud of them. We really salute to those brave heart Indian daughters, who show their courage by stepping out from old traditions. These braveheart daughters counties endless. But we are talking about here with some courageous women:

In the Field of Sport

There are a lot of names of Indian players who played at International level & won many awards. Like Sania Mirza (Tennis player) & Saina Nehwal (Badminton player), Geeta Phogat (Wrestling), Mary Kom (Women’s Boxing), P. T. Usha (Track & field). And many more are there, who are shining our nation’s name on top.

Beauty Contest Winners – Miss World

There are many daughters from India who made us proud of them, who crowned at the world level, and they were chosen Miss World because of their beauty and talent. These daughters are

  • Reita Faria born in Mumbai in 1943 First women of India Crowned the Miss World beauty pageant.
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan crowned Miss world beauty contest in 1994.
  • Priyanka Chopra Won this Miss World beauty contest in 2000.
  • After Seventeen years of Priyanka Chopra, Manushi Chillar won the Miss World contest in 2017.

In Science & Technology Field

Daughters of India always make us proud of their courageous act, Kalpana Chawla & Sunita Williams are the best examples of it.

Legend Lata Mangeshkar – Queen of Sur

She is the real daughter of this nation, who has won the hearts worldwide with her magical voice. And till now she is serving the nation with her melodious voice.

Powerful Female Politicians in India

From the time of Independence, many powerful women rule our nation. Same names are Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Pratibha Patil Ji, Sushma Swaraj, Sheila Dikshit,  Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee, Jayalalitha, these are the woman who joined political parties.

These are some examples of Indian daughters, now we can say that women’s are playing a vital role in the growth of our country. Daughters are the backbone of any nation. And daughters are boon for our society, not the curse or burden. It’s necessary to give a chance to every daughter so that they will grab the opportunities & shine in this World.


Daughters have the equal calibre to achieve anything in this World, so we all should support them to achieve whatever they want to achieve, Let’s Shine them in this beautiful world.

Writing Credits: – Paramjeet Kaur